North American Wetlands Conservation Council to Meet Despite Funding Uncertainty

On December 6, the North American Wetlands Conservation Council (NAWCC) will meet to review grant proposals that aim to protect vital waterfowl habitat across the nation. The nine-person panel plays an integral role in implementing the North American Waterfowl Management Plan, as well as conservation plans for other wetland-associated migratory bird populations. During this meeting, the NAWCC will determine which conservation project proposals will be recommended to the Migratory Bird Conservation Commission for funding.

DU Director of Conservation Operations Dr. Scott Yaich, who serves on the council, noted the grant recommendation process will likely be challenging for the NAWCC due to funding cuts facing conservation programs for FY 2012.

"Because FY12 appropriations have not yet been determined, there is a lot of uncertainty and it is impossible to determine specifically how many NAWCA projects will be funded and implemented," Yaich said.

"Major cuts to conservation programs not only hurt waterfowl, but also negatively impact local communities and small businesses that depend on hunting and other outdoor-based recreation to produce jobs," DU Director of the Governmental Affairs Office Scott Sutherland said. "Outdoorsmen and women spend $76 billion a year on equipment, services and licenses that support our economy and fund future conservation work. They return more revenue to the Treasury than is appropriated annually wildlife conservation."

Sportsmen must remind Congress that conservation programs benefit wildlife, taxpayers and our economy. Click here to tell your member of Congress to support NAWCA funding in FY 2012.