November 2011 Waterfowl Gear Guide

Decoy Wish List
Decoys are the quintessential icon of waterfowl hunters, from hand-carved blocks to the newest variation of injection-molded, fully-flocked spread. From floaters to full bodies, decoy improvements over the years are a testament to technology and waterfowling ingenuity. The DU E-Newsletter Editorial Team has selected various decoys based on individual hunting situations. Enjoy!

Greenhead Gear: Pro Grade Life-Size Wood Duck Decoys

 GHG's life-size wood duck decoys can provide a touch of color and confidence to any decoy spread. Sculpted by world champion carvers, Dick Rhode and Rick Johannsen, the natural look provides a sense of security for dabbling ducks looking to decoy. 60/40 Dura-Keel—which is standard on every GHG floating decoy. 

Includes two swivel head drakes, two rester drakes, one active hen and one rester hen. For more information visit

Final Approach: HD Gunners Feeding Mallards

Decoy-shy waterfowl need that extra confidence boost to help them commit. Add Final Approach's HD Floating Feeder decoys for realism and maximize your spread's potential. The sight of feeding mallards add a new look to your spread. These are available in two-pack sets that include a drake and hen.
  • Lifelike anatomy 
  • Vivid paint scheme 
  • Weighted keel 
For more information, visit

Greenhead Gear: Oversize Full-Body Pintail Active Decoys

If you are hunting dry or shallow-flooded fields, complete your spread with GHG oversized full-body pintail decoys. These decoys are add the high-visibility white that only bull sprigs can offer, and the RealMotion System adds realistic movement in the slightest breezes. 

  • Length: 21.25 inches 
  • Height: 13.25 inches 
  • RealMotion System 
Price includes four active style drakes.

Final Approach: Honkers—Floating Active Six Pack

Final Approach's Floating Honkers provide just the right touch of realism to decoy Canada Geese over water. The active-style floaters are attention grabbers and can separate your spread from others. 
  • One-piece design
  • Intricately sculpted detail and flawless anatomy
  • Weighted cord-lock keel
For more information, visit

Dakota Decoys: Flocked-head Floating Mallards

Dakota's flocked-head floating mallards increase visibility and provide a natural look to birds overhead. 

These decoys are manufactured out of the same 60/40 blend of high and low density polyethylene that has been proven extra tough. The decoys are slightly oversized, measuring 16” in length. They have a weighted keel designed with the hunter in mind. An added cleat to the front of the keel helps lengthen or shorten lines to the desired depth of water.

The decoys are packaged in one dozen packs with seven drakes with four unique head styles, and five hens with two head styles. For more information visit

Final Approach: Specklebelly Full-Body Upright

FA Brand combines realism and durability to provide a white-front goose decoy which can help you bring them in close. White fronts are known to be non-committal and flare off just out of range. Get their attention and keep it with these full-body, upright decoys. 
  • Originals carved by world-renowned sculptor, Doug Eck
  • Ultra-high-definition texture and feature detail
  • Realism and durability
  • Four pack with four different active heads
  • Injection-molded Dura-Connect™ head-attachment system with lifetime guarantee, featuring removable swivels for different positions
For more information, visit

G&H: Weighted Keel Standard Decoys

G&H offers reliability and quality with their standard keel, mallard decoys. These standard-size decoys with a weighted keel feature blow-molded, high-impact plastic construction for lightweight durability. G&H's size allows for an increase in overall decoy numbers.

Keel weight and counterbalance ensure they will stay upright in the roughest chop. The keel is designed with tie-offs at both ends and the front has built-in hook for quick anchor line adjustment. 

Select from various species with swiveled or stationary heads. Standard come per 12 (Six hens, six drakes). Pintail comes per 6 (three hens and three drakes). For more information visit

Tanglefree: Pro Series, Magnum Pintail Decoys

The Pro Series, Magnum Pintail decoys are a new edition to Tanglefree's waterfowling product line. Their over-sized bodies and detailed paint scheme provide maximum visibility, and added touch of realism to any spread. 

Poses: an upright drake which provides a relaxed swimming look, a sleeper drake which gives a loafing look, and a content hen. The upright drake measures 20.75 inches, sleeper drake 20 inches, and hen 18 inches. Sold per dozen. 

The Pro Series, Magnum Pintails are available in the following assortments:
  • 6 upright drakes, 4 hens, and 2 sleeper drakes
  • 12 upright drakes
  • 12 sleeper drakes
For more information please visit or call (877) 685-6055.

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