Waterfowler's Gear: Caldwell G3 Hearing Protection

Caldwell - Platinum Series™ G3 Hearing Protection

Hearing Protection Shooting can take a toll on your hearing, especially when doing so from an enclosed blind.  This season, focus on protecting your hearing with Caldwell's G3 hearing protection.
The new Caldwell Platinum Series G3 earmuffs provide a new level of performance. They offer crystal clear amplification of low level sounds while compressing and blocking out harmful noise. The advanced circuitry delivers constant sound amplification without cutting out, allowing you to hear clearly even as a gun is being fired.

The dual microphones deliver true stereo sound improving ability to localize sound. Independent volume adjustment allows for compensation between left and right ears. DualDensity Foam (DDF) Technology delivers 21 NRR to provide a high degree of passive sound protection from gunfire and other loud noise.

For more information, visit www.battenfeldtechnologies.com/caldwell.