Waterfowler's Gear: GHG Full-Body Mallards

Greenhead Gear® Over-Size™ Full-Body Mallard

Greenhead Gear Over-Size Full-Body MallardThese full-body mallards have been crafted with attention to detail, life-like paint schemes and construction. RealMotion™ bases in the Active and Feeder styles bring them to life in the slightest breeze.

With the Mallard Harvester™ Pack you get the full-body mallard spread plus an Avery 12-slot full-body duck decoy bag, all in one  package. This pack includes all the realistic decoy poses: four Actives (two drakes, two hens), four Feeders (two drakes, two hens), two Resters (one drake, one hen) and two Sleepers (one drake, one hen). More info: www.averyoutdoors.com

Greenhead Gear Mallard Harvester Pack