David Adamson

DU Migration Field Editor: Richmond, Virginia
From: Richmond, Virginia

Years with DU: Volunteer for 15 years

Years waterfowl hunting: 28

Favorite waterfowl species: Pintail

Preferred hunting style: Layout boats and blinds

Waterfowling gun: Benelli SBE2 12

About David: My grandfather introduced me to Waterfowling when I was 8. My feet were so cold on my first hunt I stuffed old newspapers into the short Bean boots I was wearing and marched in place to keep from getting frostbite. I was instantly hooked and realize now that those early experiences, fond memories and interactions with an older generation continue to serve me well. I've been fortunate to begin the last 5 seasons with an October trip to Saskatchewan, where I enjoy experiencing the beginning of the Fall flight. I look forward to introducing my 5-year-old son to a Virginia duck marsh one warm day this season.