Favorite DU Photos: August 2011

Member Photos of the Day from the month of August
"At three months old, she is already sharp eyed and eager to retrieve." (photo by Johnathan Walls, Katie Edwards)

"Mom and her babies, there were 12 of them." (photo by Jennifer Goodwin)

"Mallard at Belle Haven Marina" (photo by Kim Taylor)

"Drake during a central Illinois early goose hunt." (photo by Justin Closen)

"Missouri Mallard" (photo by Scott Turnpen)

"Mallard (Mal for short) was exhausted after her first day in the duck blind." (photo by Timothy Austin, Jr.)

"My son the mighty hunter." (photo by Jennifer Aldridge)

"First light on the Missouri river." (photo by Jake Kavanaugh)

(photo by Ethan Shotwell)

(photo by Kelly Altman)

0 "Successful retrieve on a cold snowy day" (photo by John Elashik)

1 "Carl took this picture of Tony Owsian's dog Trigger while on a diver hunt with Tony in Oregon." (photo by Anthony Owsian)

2 (photo by John Hakola)

3 "Mallard Hen up close" (photo by Brent Gale)