DU Migration Field Editor Program

Waterfowl Migration & Hunting Reports Across the Nation
The Ducks Unlimited Migration Field Editor program was engineered to create a solid foundation of credible migration and hunting reports within the DU waterfowl migration map.

These DU volunteers were hand-selected by DU regional directors as avid waterfowl hunters with a strong foundation of ethics, local migration knowledge and the technical capabilities to make weekly reports throughout the waterfowl season.

Below is a list of DU Migration Field Editors. Visit their profiles, and find out who you plan to follow this season.

If you have any questions regarding DU Migration Field Editors, or if you have interest in becoming a Migration Field Editor, please contact Chris Jennings, DU web editor, at cjennings@ducks.org.

Click on a field editor's name to read their profile.

David Adamson Jeremy Anfinson
David Boike Blakely Byrd
Ken Carroll Jason Christiansen
Dr. Michael Crupper Paul Fincher
Bert Holtzman Scott Jaison
Dan Johnson Creighton Kaiser
Ronald Kee Terry Laymon
Brandon Mendoza Vic Meyer
Jason Needham Larry Nelson
Patrick Patterson Chris Phillips
Dave Riley Will Schorp
Shawn Schmidt Chris Sechelski
Anthony Smith Kevin Uetz
Aaron Vogler Chad Youngberg