Oregon FY 11 Projects


Project # Project Name County Biol-ogist Project Status FY11        Project         Cost*
OR-1-2 Warner Valley, Wetlands Enhancement Lake Shannon Post-Implementation $0
OR-1-4 Warner Valley, Wetlands Renovations Lake Shannon Design $16,551
OR-4-3 Ladd Marsh Wa, Tule Lake Restoration Union Lobdell Planning $10,611
OR-11-17 Pacific Coast Joint Venture, Executive Director Year 17 N/A Dwyer Administration $31,143
OR-012-8 Sauvie Island WA, Sturgeon Lake Columbia Lobdell Planning $11,413
OR-12-12 Sauvie Island WA, Rentenaar Road Columbia Lobdell Planning $0
OR-12-13 Sauvie Island Wildlife Area, Stutzer-Lost Prairie-Catfish  Columbia Lobdell Planning $54,199
OR-12-14 Sauvie Island WA, Steelman Lake Columbia Lobdell Permitting $30,256
OR-12-15 Sauvie Island WA, Oak Island Wetlands Multnomah Lobdell Survey $32,874
OR-12-16 Sauvie Island WA, Seal Lake Columbia Lobdell Construction $106,704
OR-12-17 Sauvie Island WA, Mud Lake Columbia Lobdell Permitting $28,541
OR-12-18 Sauvie Island WA, Deadwillow South Columbia Lobdell Planning $31,408
OR-16-5 Sandy River Delta, Phase V Multnomah Petrie Construction $105,254
OR-19-9 Malheur NWR, Aquatic Health Initiative Harney Shannon Planning $347
OR-19-10 Malheur NWR,Double OO Unit Wetland Enhancement Harney Shannon Planning $0
OR-23-2 Ni-les’tun Unit Restoration  Coos Lobdell Construction $592,869
OR-23-3 Siletz Bay Tidal Marsh Restoration  Lincoln Lobdell Planning $20,402
OR-23-4 Ni-les’tun Unit Restoration, Monitoring  Coos Lobdell Planning $77,295
OR-26-4 OR WRP, Trainor Harney Shannon Monitoring $0
OR-061-2 Summer Lake WA, ANA River West Water Control Structures Lake Shannon Construction $99,670
OR-061-3 Summer Lake Wildlife Area Lake Shannon Construction $180,244
OR-61-4 Summer Lake Irrigation Pipeline and Water Delivery  Lake Shannon Post-Implementation $21,453
OR-61-5 Summer Lake Wildlife Area, Between the Dikes Unit Lake Shannon Planning $0
OR-070-1 Oregon WRP, McFarland Restoration Lake Shannon Monitoring $372
OR-100-1 Wapato Lake Restoration Washington Lobdell Planning $24,297
OR-102-2 C7 Ranch, Wetland Restoration Klamath Shannon Monitoring $2,643
OR-102-3 C7 Ranch River Enhancement Klamath Shannon Planning $30,000
OR-108-4 Sauvie Island Private Land, Little Sturgeon Lake Restoration  Multnomah Lobdell Planning $28,921
OR-112-1 Goose Lake Restoration Lake Shannon Monitoring $18,536
OR-112-2 Cottonwood Creek Water Delivery Lake Shannon Planning $2,919
OR-119-2 Gotter-Brown Restoration Washington Lobdell Planning $13,442
OR-119-3  Tualatin River Floodplain Restoration Washington Lobdell Survey $591
OR-122-2 Barnes Slough Conservation Easement Lake Shannon Planning $0
OR-134-1 Massini Wetland Restoration, Miller Island Klamath Shannon Planning $0
OR-135-2 Tule Smoke Hunt Club, Wetland Restoration Klamath Shannon Monitoring $274
OR-136-1 Crystal Creek Acquisition, Upper Klamath Lake Klamath Shannon Monitoring $2,866
OR-137-1 Drew's Valley Ranch, Drew's Creek Restoration Lake Shannon Planning $12,532
OR-149-1 McGarva Ranch, Cottonwood Creek Restoration Lake Shannon Planning $0
OR-152-1 Shady Pine Wetland Enhancement Klamath Shannon Monitoring $0
OR-160-1 Wilson Cattle Co. Wetlands Enhancement Baker Lobdell Permitting $5,122
OR-165-1 Willow Creek Restoration Lake Shannon Monitoring $0
OR-169-1 Kerry Island Wetland Enhancement Columbia Lobdell Planning $0
OR-170-1 Anderson Wetland Restoration Klamath Shannon Monitoring $0
OR-171-1 Klamath Basin EPA Targeted Watershed Grant, Administration Klamath Shannon Administration $0
OR-171-2 Klamath Basin EPA Targeted Watershed Grant,Williamson River Delta Klamath Shannon Administration $0
OR-171-3 Klamath Basin EPA Targeted Watershed Grant,Agency Lake Restoration Klamath Shannon Administration $43,012
OR-171-4 Klamath Basin EPA Targeted Watershed Grant,Wayne Ranch Restoration Klamath Shannon Administration $5,364
OR-171-5 Klamath Basin EPA Targeted Watershed Grant,Jackson Creek Restoration Klamath Shannon Administration $17,314
OR-171-6 Klamath Basin EPA Targeted Watershed Grant,Harris Ranch Restoration Klamath Shannon Administration $36,833
OR-171-7 Klamath Basin EPA Targeted Watershed Grant,Chiloquin Dam Removal Klamath Shannon Administration $0
OR-171-8 Klamath Basin EPA Targeted Watershed Grant,Outreach Klamath Shannon Administration $15,909
OR-173-1 Warner Ranch, Mill Creek Phase I   Lake Shannon Planning $13,611
OR-173-2 Warner Ranch, Drew Creek Fish Passage Phase II   Lake Shannon Survey $18,764
OR-174-1 Thomas Creek Riparian Enhancement    Lake Shannon Monitoring $1,113
OR-174-2 Holiday Ranch Diversion Structure Lake Shannon Survey $211
OR-174-3 Hueret Diversion Structure Lake Shannon Survey $121
OR-179-1 Maxwell Ranch Conservation Easement Lake Shannon Monitoring $1,819
OR-179-2 Maxwell Ranch Riparian Restoration Lake Shannon Design $150,401
OR-179-3 Maxwell Ranch, Cox Creek Restoration Lake Shannon Design $0
OR-181-1 Picture Ranch Wetland Enhancement Lake Shannon Survey $1,456
OR-182-1 J-Spear Ranch Meadow Restoration Lake Shannon Planning $12,038
OR-183-1 Swan Lake Restoration Klamath Shannon Design $35,530
OR-183-2 Swan Lake Restoration,Bar CL Ranch Klamath Shannon Planning $3,792
OR-184-1 Jackson Bottoms Wetlands Washington Lobdell Permitting $70,641
OR-184-2 Jackson Bottoms Slough Washington Lobdell Permitting $24,691
OR-185-1 The Candy Store Multnomah Lobdell Planning $19,010
OR-186-1 Winter Lake Wetlands Coos Lobdell Planning $5,803
OR-187-1 Goose Hollow Wetlands Multnomah Lobdell Permitting $18,516
OR-189-1 Oregon Closed Basin, Farm Bill Wetland Biologist K, L, H Shannon Administration $47,000
OR-191-1 Willamette River Delta Floodplain Acquisition Washington Lobdell Planning $0
OR-192-1 Midland Wetland Enhancement      Columbia Lobdell Planning $1,608
OR-193-1 Ducks and Dogs, LLC. Wetland Enhancement  Polk Lobdell Planning $1,250
OR-194-1 Charlton Farms Wetland Restoration  Multnomah Lobdell Planning $0
OR-195-1 Harney Basin NAWCA Administration Harney Shannon Planning $141
OR-196-1 Silver Lake Pipeline Engineering Study Lake Shannon Planning $12
OR-197-1 Lake County Closed Basin NAWCA Administration Lake Shannon Administration $360

* Most projects are multi-year efforts. Project costs include DU staff time plus any other expenses (e.g. vendor costs) for FY11 only.