Brandon Mendoza

DU Migration Field Editor: Reading, Kansas

From: Reading, Kansas

Years with DU: 12

Years waterfowl hunting: 12

Favorite waterfowl species: Canada goose

Preferred hunting style: Mobile – usually hunting out of laydown blinds or what ever is needed at the time

Waterfowling gun: Benelli Nova

About Brandon: I am a full time firefighter/EMT in Kansas and have been avidly pursuing waterfowl for the last 11 years. My waterfowling obsession has taken me to Canada, Arkansas and all over the state of Kansas. I make a trip to Canada annually to hunt waterfowl and compete in two goose shoot competitions. My team has been fortunate enough to win several first-place titles as well as placing in the top 4 fairly consistently. Currently I'm a Pro-Staffer for Buck Gardner Game Calls. I enjoy hunting with my 10-year-old black Lab (Nikki), she has been trained by me and does very well in the field. I'm in the process of training a new puppy (Stormy) to take over for Nikki due to her age. I take my waterfowling very seriously and will go to extremes to get on the spot and provide an outstanding waterfowling experience for the guys with whom I hunt.