Favorite DU Photos: July 2011

Member Photos of the Day from the month of July
"Goose hunting in West Metro of Minnesota" (Robert St. Sauver)

"A great shot of a Canada goose getting ready to land in my marsh." (Howard Wohlgefahrt)

"Northern Shoveler Drake and Hen" (Brent Gale)

"Mallards in flight." (Jeff Weymier)

"Cole's new friend Bo." (Neil Kruschke)

"Sunset on the pond." (Jordan Lybeck)

"Black duck." (Ron Dickenson)

"Reed Graff duck hunting with his favorite dog, Ranger." (Stan Graff)

"This is a photo of Jean P. and friend Justin after a duck hunt." (Kenneth McDaniel)

"Pintails jumping" (Larry Hitchens)

0 "Early morning silhouette of hunting at Hazel Creek Lake" (Ray Jagger)

1 "Jake Churan shot his first duck, and a few more, during the Arkansas youth weekend hunt. His pal Owen Silzer also scored. Congratulations young men." (Jeff Churan)

2 "Bay of Green Bay" (Duane Sundin)