Terry "Gooseman" Laymon

DU Migration Field Editor: Lake St. Clair, Michigan

From: Grosse Pointe Woods, MI

Years with DU: 18
Years waterfowl hunting: 55
Favorite waterfowl species: Giant Canada Geese
Preferred hunting style: "Stealth" boat & field blinds
Waterfowling gun: Benelli Super Black Eagle

About Terry: Terry Laymon currently serves as the state chairman for Michigan Ducks Unlimited, and is a DU Major Donor (Diamond Sponsor in Perpetuity). He is also a member of the Michigan CWAC (Citizens Waterfowl Advisory Committee) with the Michigan DNR representing Michigan Ducks Unlimited. Information is passed on to Terry from throughout the state from other committee members weekly.

Terry has been a waterfowler for 50+ years. Throughout the years he has accumulated 82 different waterfowl mounts. Terry has hunted all over the U.S. It is estimated that over 2 million migrating birds pass through the Lake St. Clair staging area annually. Terry harvested his 50th banded bird when he turned 50 years old.