Favorite DU Photos: June 2011

Member Photos of the Day from the month of June
"Duckling getting its cute on"
photo by Kim Taylor

"Doesn't anyone pay attention to me?!"
photo by Jay Howard

"Two female mallards taking flight."
photo by Bill Houghton

photo by Heath Brown

"Mallard Hen"
photo by Randy Munn

photo by Brian Russell

"Mallard Drake landing on glass"
photo by Brent Gale

"Rio intent on finding some birds during a stretch on a slow morning hunt."
photo by Steve Dittmer

"Handsome Devil"
photo by Shane Jamison

photo by Greg Jovanovic

0 "The look of desire."
photo by Mark Lasnek

1 "Duck doing the ultimate stretch."
photo by Kim Taylor

2 "Listening to the Pintail whistles, and geese."
photo by Zack Hilkey

3 photo by Kim Johnson