Scott Jasion

DU Migration Field Editor: Fallston, Maryland
From: Fallston, Maryland

Years with DU: 19

Years Waterfowl Hunting: since I was 12, so that’s 40 years worth of chasing ducks and geese.

Favorite waterfowl species: Wood Ducks (Best table fare and certainly a “sporty” target), Canada Geese (most reliable hunts), Teal (when they are on you like a swarm of bees or going by like fighter jets)

Preferred hunting style:  I prefer standup blinds.  My theory is that a blind that hides your movement, in a field or impoundment/pond  the birds have been using, is more effective than perhaps better hidden blinds that have a lot of movement when its time to shoot.  With pits and layout blinds, birds are flaring hard from all the movement from doors, lids, etc once the shot is called.  With a Standup, the birds never even knew they were shot, and sometimes those not killed even land.  And… a standup blind allows all hunters to see the birds work, which for me is much of the thrill of the hunt, Especially for youngsters, and even those who are only occasional waterfowlers. There’s no better way to get somebody hooked on waterflowling then seeing the birds work in close.

Waterfowling Gun: Beretta A391 Urika. 

Other comments:
I initially joined Ducks Unlimited as a teenage member to learn more about waterfowl hunting and I wanted the magazine! As a young adult and budding waterfowler, I was the beneficiary of some phenomenal goose hunting, only to be followed by a complete ban on migrant goose hunting in Maryland.    I got involved at the local chapter of DU as a volunteer to learn how I could help.  Since then, I’ve held many volunteer positions in DU including area chairman, zone chairman, district chairman and now serve as the State Chairman for Maryland, in addition to  being a DU Life Sponsor.  

I maintain several wood duck nesting projects, managing and monitoring over 50 boxes and each year I learn more about them.

As a passionate hunter, I feel that in order to “take a few”, I ought to be “putting a lot.”  That’s my philosophy of “put and take” and it’s a natural for most any DU volunteer.

As DU says…More Habitat on the ground…means More Birds in the Air.