Jason Christiansen

DU Migration Field Editor: Omaha, Nebraska
From: Omaha, Nebraska

Years with DU: 12

Years waterfowl hunting: Lifelong hunter

Preferred hunting style: Pit blinds, sneak & duck boats, field

About Jason: I live North of Omaha Nebraska and I primarily hunt the areas around the Missouri River and waters off of the channel. I have hunted most of my life, primarily hunting waterfowl for the past 12 years. I have been fortunate enough to hunt in the Dakotas and in the central parts of Nebraska, also. Once a year, I hunt a week-plus upriver from Niobrara, Nebraska. I enjoy every facet of the sport; I make my own calls and decoys and take every opportunity to introduce people, especially kids, to the sport. The areas I hunt are very dependent on the migration, so being able to share whether or not birds are moving into the area can help others be successful. In a migratory path and not a primary staging area, we understand the importance of mobility and being flexible. I hunt from pit blinds north of Tekamah, sneak boats, a larger duck boat and occasionally field hunt.