Dave Riley

DU Migration Field Editor: Burlington, Iowa

From: Central Illinois/Southeast Iowa

Years with DU: 35+

Years waterfowl hunting: 55+

Favorite waterfowl species: Mallard

Preferred hunting style: Large decoy spreads (400+), floating blinds, Mississippi River backwater

Waterfowling gun: Beretta Extrema

About Dave: Long before I was born, my family has hunted waterfowl in southeast Iowa and west central Illinois. I've been hunting all my life. I retired and returned to my hometown of Burlington, Iowa, in 2000 after serving 12 years as Director of Human Resources at DU. Since 1990, I've owned 140 acres of backwater in Pool 19 of the Mississippi, the Lakewood Hunt Club (incorporated 1921), on the Illinois side near Lomax. I also belong to the New Crystal Lake Club, a 1500+ acre historic club (founded 1885) adjacent to the Mississippi levee in Gulfport, Illinois, where my father and grandfather also belonged. I also spend a week each year in Saskatchewan, as well as about three weeks in the Stuttgart area in Arkansas, where I belong to the Duck Head Club.