Chris Phillips

DU Migration Field Editor: Cambridge, Iowa
From: Cambridge, Iowa

Years with DU: 10+

Years waterfowl hunting: 19

Favorite waterfowl species: Mallards

Preferred hunting style: Layout ground blinds

Waterfowling gun: Benelli M1 Super90

About Chris: I love hunting Mallards in dry grain fields, but also love hunting them on the marshes, rivers and reservoirs. I am not a "Mallard Purist," as I also love taking all species of ducks on any given day. I don't consider them "others," but a chance to experience all types of shooting. Second choice would be to hunt snow geese in the conservation order in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska. They are very wary and difficult to work into decoys, but when they do it "right," there is nothing prettier, and the few times they do keeps me coming back. I love to hunt all types of game, including big game, but waterfowl is my choice of poison or obsession, as my wife calls it. I have been involved with DU for over ten years as a volunteer committee member/chair, and now 3 years as a DC for the C/SW Region. Good Hunting!!!