June 2011 Waterfowl Gear Guide

Boats and Boating Accessories
Hunting from a boat provides waterfowlers with endless opportunities, but it also adds a degree of danger and difficulty. Preparedness and quality equipment are of the utmost importance. The summer is a great time to get your waterfowl rig set up for the coming season, so the E-newsletter Editorial Team has selected a few items that can help get every boat-minded waterfowler ready for fall.

Stearns Comfort Series Life Vest

Safety needs to remain the number one concern when hunting, especially when dealing with frigid temperatures and open water. Stearns comfort series life vests offer a camouflage version to wear while hunting from a boat. 
  • Zipper front, encircling belt with side adjustments for secure fit.
  • Lightweight mesh for comfort and ventilation. Mesh pocket on left for convenient storage. 
  • Mesh upper shell with quilted shooting patch on right shoulder. US Coast Guard Approved Type III Device.

3-in-1 Waterfowler's Paddle Attachment

When hunting from a boat, the 3-in-1 Paddle is always in demand. 

The Avery® 3-in-1 Waterfowler's Paddle is injection molded from durable, high-impact, ABS plastic to withstand years of abuse dished out by hard-core waterfowl hunters.

The 3-in-1's fluted design offers maximum strength with minimum weight. The concave end is designed to give the hunter maximum leverage when pushing off of trees, pilings or stumps. Two angled decoy line retriever slots make for the fastest pick up of your decoy spread. The 3-in-1 Waterfowler's Paddle's aluminum receiver (1.25" inside diameter) fits the Avery® TracLoc Push Pole and similar push poles. 


War Eagle Boats – The Ducktoon

Mobility is one of the many keys to success in waterfowling. War Eagle’s Ducktoon offers a new level of mobility, comfort ,and concealment. 

Ducktoon is all aluminum and portable –10-feet long, 8-feet wide. Ducktoon comes with a metal top, realgrass and your choice of seven camouflage patterns. Ducktoon has room for five hunters. 

Drake Waterfowl – Stake Out Blind

The Stake-Out Blind is perfect for hunting in flooded soybeans, rice, corn, shallow marsh, or anywhere you find shallow water. It also works great for dry of muddy field goose hunting. The sides can be buried using it as a one-may lay down pit blind, or you can brush it on top of the ground making it practically disappear. The body of the blind comes equipped with built-in stretch cord brush straps for fast and easy brushing. Flip tops have built-in brush straps which allow you to maximize concealment. After the hunt, you can use it as a gear sled by loading your gun, decoys and other gear inside and float it out of the field utilizing the tow-handle. The Stake-Out Blind comes with a backrest and has a built-in dry box. There are stabilizer stake-out openings at all four corners.


Avery Camo Boat Motor Cover

The Avery Camo Motor Cover offers economical camouflage for your outboard motor. These covers are held tightly in place with an elastic drawstring and cord lock. Lightweight, water resistant and rot proof Cerex fabric allows motor to drain through. 

Features include Lightweight/rot-resistant fabric and an Elastic draw cord and slide lock. These covers are also perfect for gas tanks.


Southern Marine High Back Camouflage Duck Boat Seats

Stay comfortable while waiting on the morning flight with these duck boat seats. 

These rugged, plastic-frame duck boat seats give your boat the final camouflage touch. These duck boat seats feature metal hinges and top-quality 1000 denier Cordura nylon upholstery. The high back duck boat seat measures 21-3/4 inches high x 16 inches wide x 15 inches deep.


Quick-Set Duck Boat Blind Combo – 14-16 foot

Make your duck boat disappear. The quick-set blind allows you to hide your boat anywhere, while still having the capabilities to shoot comfortably. 

The Avery Outdoors Quick-Set Duck Boat Blind Combo fits your 14-16 foot boat and includes Frame, CamoNets and WindBlockers.

  • FrictionLoc frame design 
  • Durable fluted aluminum 
  • Installs in under two hours 
  • One-time installation 
  • Can be removed in 2 minutes 
  • Exclusive RivNut system 
  • 5 second set up/take down 
  • Decreases cripple loss 
  • 3-D die-cut CamoNets 
  • Netted for easy stubbling 
  • DuraMax WindBlockers 
  • Entire frame fits inside boat 
  • Mounts to most duck boats