Favorite DU Photos: April 2011

Member photos of the day from the month of April
"Down time stretch" (photo by Dan Ra)

"My boys had a lot of fun on Early Season Teal opener. Oldest son shot his first limit. Had to take a pic with a buddy's new pup once we got 
done." (photo by Bobby Waldschmidt)

"Major after a solid retrieve in the Louisiana Marsh" (photo by Steve Blount)

"Opening Early Goose season 2010 Rend Lake." (photo by Donald Kalahar)

"Benelli working hard." (photo by Kelly Hequembourg)

"First Water Training Session" (photo by Randall Lady)

"Mallard drake portrait" (photo by Tom Reichner)

"Snapped this picture of my boys and Abby Lynn while out on the Platte River." (photo by Brent Gale)

"Suzy, Tundra Swan retrieve, Currituck sound, North Carolina" (photo by Trevor Carpenter)

"Brothers" (photo by Wayne Steele)

0 "Walking out to get a early morning duck." (photo by John Baranello)

1 "Green-winged Teal" (photo by Jeff Weymier)

2 (photo by Ethan Shotwell)

3 "Lake Griffin marsh" (photo by Chad Rischar)