2011 DU Magazine Photo Contest: Retriever Honorable Mentions

Photos from the 2011 Photo Contest
Born in October, this black lab pup Hank was too young for duck hunting in 2009, but shows he'll be ready to go by next year in this December photo. (Submitted by Tim Ackarman)

A shot of my lab "Coot" with a greenhead from a wonderful day of hunting in a flooded pond in North Dakota. The birds had great color, the light was nearly perfect for photos, and Coot wanted to show off each time the camera came out! (Submitted by Mark Brendemuehl)

Harley with a widgeon, Bristol Bay Alaska. (Submitted by Joshua Fitz)

Hallie retrieving a drake harlequin in Alaska. (Submitted by Ryan James)

Showing off after a good morning! (Submitted by Kristyn Lowe)

Here is a picture of my female dog Skye coming back to the blind on the last day of the season, after a long retrieve for a pintail. (Submitted by Mike Sorsky)

This is another unedited photo that I took of my dog as the sun came up. Even though the hijacks grew as the day got slower, Gunny stayed vigilant, hoping to get one more retrieve. He only took a break to lay on me when I got too cold. This photo was taken on the Arkansas River; we launched from Spaniard Creek in Oklahoma. (Submitted by Robert Trzcinski)

2 year old "Ready" holds a trophy Oldsquaw on the shores of Lake Michigan in Door County WI. Ready's first water hunt was an offshore hunt for Oldsquaw at the age of 9 months. (Submitted by John Volkman)

Yellow Labrador Ripley looking for more wood ducks while hunting in East Texas. (Submitted by Brian Weaver)

Ranger is a 3 1/2 yr old Labrador retriever. He is a Hunting Retriever Champion, Qualified All Age, has Master Hunter passes and is on the 2009 National Derby List. Aside from his trial accomplishments he is hunted regularly. The picture was taken this season on a pothole in South Dakota. (Submitted by Wes Wilkes)