Favorite DU Photos: March 2011

Member photos of the day from the month of March
"Abby bringing back a blue phase snow goose" (Brent Gale)

"American Wigeon" (Robert Whitney)

"Nine week old Riley already looking to the skies for feathered airplanes." (DU member)

"St. Lawrence River" (Jordan Lamay)

"The American Coot" (Billy Houghton)

"Hen Mallard, waking up after a night's roost." (DU member)

"Drake Mallard, Stretching His Wings" (DU member)

(Chad Cline)

"Afternoon Stretch, Woodie" (C. Connelly)

"Geese resting along the banks of the Red Cedar" (David Bowers)

0 "Mallard drake on the Grand River in Lansing, Michigan" (David Bowers)

1 "This is a field covered with Pintails. This photo was taken after a morning hunt in Southeast Missouri. This was one of the years that we were not allowed to take any Pintails. It was pretty cool just to see them." (Michael Britton)

2 "Benelli working hard." (Kelly Hequembourg)