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Alberta Waterfowl Reunion Montana Spring Creek Ducks
Saskatchewan Freelancing Missouri Public Lands
Big Texas Reservoirs Mississippi
Arkansas - Wounded Warriors Laguna Madre Redheads
Eastern Shore Brandt Ducks Ala Orange
Kentucky Youth Mexico Blue Wings
Snow Goose Conservation


Five years ago Wade Bourne took his young son Hampton to hunt in Alberta on his first season with DUTV. Hampton is now grown and in college. Join Wade and Hampton as they return to Alberta to visit their old friend Sean Mann.


Join Jared Brown as he returns to his old buddy Marc Pierce's Montana ranch. Join these two on a hunt as they discuss their love for DU, duck hunting and practicing conservation in the "big sky" state.


As a follow-up to their waterfowling trek across the Canadian prairies last year Wade and Mike Checkett return to the Canadian prairies for some unfinished business. Join them as they team up with DU Canada's David Kostersky to hunt DU projects, private agricultural fields and learn about DU's important breeding ground work in central Saskatchewan.


We all know Mike and Wade love to freelance hunt. Mike and his long-time Missouri hunting buddy, Mark Schupp grew up hunting the public areas across Missouri. Join Mike as he introduces Wade to freelance opportunities in the "Show Me" state and the habitat restoration work done in this important migration stop-over.


We all know everything's big in Texas and that includes large reservoirs that offer some outstanding duck hunting. Join Jared Brown and DU Texas volunteers Rogers Hoyt, Shawn DeCento and Palmer Bordelon as they hunt this unique lake.


Join today's conservation leaders as they hunt a historic location made famous by a famed conservationist of the past, Nash Buckingham. Wade, DU Executive Vice-President Don Young and President John Pope hunt the historic Beaver Dam Lake in Mississippi and discuss the status and future of DU.


As a former Air Force pilot Wade Bourne has strong military roots. Join Wade as he introduces some of America's Wounded Warrior heroes to the world-renowned flooded green timber duck hunting and wetlands conservation in the "Duck Capital of the World," Stuttgart, Arkansas.


Jared heads south to hunt ducks with Texas A&M Kingsville professor and DU researcher Dr. Bart Ballard. Dr. Ballard is not only mentoring graduate students in wetland and waterfowl ecology but also through their local DU collegiate chapter. Learn how DU science is being used to restore, enhance and protect the region's remaining coastal wetlands.


Join Wade Bourne and DU Volunteer Wayne Radcliff as they chase Atlantic brandt along the historic eastern shores of Assateague and Chincateague Islands.


Florida is going to be known for more than oranges after this hunt. Join two energetic collegiate DU volunteers Trace and Nick Linder as they introduce Jared Brown to hunting in the "Sunshine" state. These guys have grown up hunting this area and Jared is in for some fast action for ring-necks, blue-wings. We know he can keep up!


DU has long considered the next generation of waterfowlers to be as important as the current one and weekend camps like this one in Ballard County, Kentucky give kids the chance to learn about wetlands conservation and experience the joys of duck hunting. Join Wade Bourne and the future of duck hunting.


To shoot birds in February, you've got to go where the ducks are, and luckily for our traveling duck hunters the birds are in Mexico. We're going way south of the border to meet the leaders of DU Mexico. Jared Brown talked former DUTV host Marc Pierce to join him on this late hunt in Mexico's Yucatan with DU President John Tomke and DU Executive Vice-President Eduardo Carrera.


Wade Bourne and Mike Checkett have formed a posse to chase spring migrating light geese during the special light goose conservation order. The posse included noted snow goose expert and retired DU Chief biologist, Dr. Bruce Batt, snow goose hunting experts, Tony Vandemore, Tyson Keller and DU's Chris Jennings. The chase leads them to northwest Missouri and ends in a spectacular shoot out.

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