Facebook: DU Fans' Most Memorable Moments

DU Facebook fans' most memorable moments from the 2010-11 Waterfowl Season

We asked DU Facebook fans, "What is your most memorable moment from the 2010-2011 duck hunting season?"

There were more than 450 responses! And we enjoyed reading everyone's most memorable moments so much that we decided to share some of them here. Enjoy!

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Ryan Taylor
Hunting with my dad and 10-year-old nephew in northeast Michigan and watching my nephew kill his first-ever duck, a beautiful drake goldeneye, with one shot on the last day of the season.

Warren Vincent
I introduced 2 of my neighbors to duck and goose hunting. They have already bought dekes, waders, etc.

Joseph Reid
Seeing my first flock of ducks cup their wings and drop into the decoys. My first year and I am now obsessed with waterfowl hunting. First one was a drake wood duck.

Amy Davidson
My first duck! I shot a wigeon drake and he fell right down beside me at a duck impoundment in Hyde County (NC) with my boyfriend and dad!

Val Brown
My 60 pound chocolate lab retreiving my biggest goose yet... her first goose retreive, and the goose fought back... and the next day going out and getting all four of our limits of doves out of the same field. Overall, a great year. (Minnesota)

Steve Keister
THE MOST MEMORABLE LAUGH.....sitting with my friends on the Ohio River and had 40-50 ducks lockup and sail in....feet down, wings locked, everyone unloads and one (1) bird falls dead.

Davy Brunson
Taking my six- and eight-year-old grandsons duck hunting on the bank of the south Edisto river in Aiken County.

William Harlon
Hunting one morning with my wife, Melissa, and our daughter, Daisy. Jackson, our lab, and I typically do not have such great company during our duck hunting adventures;)

Abraham Buesser
My wife getting her first duck, first mallard, and first wood duck. Me getting my first canvasback (mounted) and wood duck (mounted), finished season up on Sunday with a limit.

Trevor Williams
Falling face first into the ice

Robert Garza
Just sittin out by the river watchin the sun go down and listening to the geese honk as they fly over, knowing that they are never gonna fly close enough to the public land I am on... but hearing and seeing them is enough; just watching them is memorable

Cody McLearin
Opening day when it rained so much you couldn't see the ducks til they were like 20 feet away.

DU Facebook Page | Share Your Memorable Moments

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