Favorite DU Photos: January 2011

Member photos of the day from the month of January
"Adirondac Barton Miner (AKA "BART") at 14 weeks" (Submitted by Kevin Crinklaw)

"Sunrise on Choke Canyon Lake" (Submitted by Mark Locke)

"Hunter with his dog and two geese on opening day in Minnesota" (Submitted by Jon Huelskamp)

"Barrow's Goldeneye taken at eye level" (Submitted by Tom Reichner)

"Mallard Drake at my local pond. Northern Virginia" (Submitted by Kim Taylor)

"This is just minutes after an October sunrise in Minnesota. The foreground is of some full body, lesser Canada goose decoys." (Submitted by Chad Fix)

"SKEET, My Labrador retriever, and I after a freezing January Morning Duck hunt in Fitzgerald Ga. This photo was taken prior to me releasing him to go pick up the downed birds.As you can tell he was really anxious." (Submitted by Tyler Pruitt)

"Widgeon" (Submitted by C. Connelly)

"Opening morning Munuscong Bay Michigan" (Submitted by Mike Schneiderhan)

"Gun Dog Arson on the roll" (Submitted by Diane Glassmeyer)

"Texas Girl Jolie after a hard day!" (Submitted by Bronson Barclay) 

"Foggy Landing - While at the pond, I saw this flock of Canada Geese come over. Just as they got past the pond, they began to make a turn. They then started to drop down to land on the pond. This is when I raised my camera and started firing." (Submitted by Billy Houghton) 

(Submitted by Matthew Slosar) 

"Mid-season central Minnesota duck season. setting up for a shot." (Submitted by Jonathan Keller)