Favorite DU Photos: November 2010

Member photos of the day from the month of November

"Kolton's first goose of the season" Submitted by Brent Gale

"Nikki, on one of those slow days when the geese weren't flying and the photographer has too much time to fool around." Submitted by Mark Kellner

"Emma helps to pick up decoys after a successful hunt with her Dad." Submitted by Courtney Hagenaars

"Parking, Ark morning hunt for 6 guys out of a pit blind in a flooded rice field." Submitted by Collins Hughes

"4 month old Cooper. Enjoying a nice rock during the spring Steelhead Season. He is a dog for all seasons." Submitted by Michael Kavros

""Mason and River going hunting" Submitted by Mason Ward

"Ruddy duck chasing the girls!" Submitted by Robert Whitney

"Waiting for the morning goose flight in the river blind." Submitted by Bill Hennessey

"Peyton and the kids" Submitted by David Steele

"Anticipation" Submitted by Donald Thorpe


"This is a photo of the best waterfowl hunt I've ever experienced in 10 years of hunting and I didn't even fire a shot. It was my youngest son's first ever waterfowl hunt and he got his first duck and goose and the goose was even banded. This also marked my older son's first limit of ducks and geese and his two geese were also banded." Submitted by Mark Brashear


"Great hunt with Buck Paradise Outfitters. The Mid South Co-op boys did well in Canada." Submitted by Andrew Rowsey


Submitted by Marshall Haferkamp


"Opening Morning Wood Duck Hunt 2008 Wil Kinney" Submitted by Winston Kinney