New California DU project at Imperial Wildlife Area

Ducks Unlimited is working with Imperial Wildlife Area (IWA) staff to enhance wetlands and associated upland habitats to benefit wildlife and decrease maintenance needs. Located on the sloping southeast edge of the Salton Sea, IWA's seasonal wetland habitat is encumbered by many impoundment levees and water control structures. The many levees and water control structures take away from wildlife habitat and create a heavy maintenance burden on wetlands managers. The goal of this project is to improve wetland management efficiency and quality of habitat by restoring wetland topography and hydrology, improving water conveyance capabilities and reducing the maintenance burden on wetland managers.

To accomplish these goals, new levees will be constructed and existing levees will be improved. Pond bottoms will be re-contoured to provide optimal habitat diversity. In addition, new water control structures will be installed to provide more efficient means of water control to individual wetland units, and new pipe will replace existing earthen delivery ditches that now create an enormous maintenance burden, and decrease water conservation and conveyance abilities. Associated uplands will be seeded with grasses to provide wildlife friendly cover.

Increased shallow water habitat will benefit waterfowl, shorebirds, colonial waterbirds and neotropical songbirds. In addition, many species of local desert wildlife will benefit.