National forum explores ways to achieve clean water

More than 100 executives and local activists, brought together by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), will gather this Thursday to discuss one of the nation's most pressing issues: clean water.

EPA administrator Lisa Jackson will host the forum, "Coming Together for Clean Water," which will focus on:

  • Presenting thinking on critical clean water challenges and needed directions
  • Obtaining perspectives on critical unmet clean water needs and challenges
  • Obtaining perspectives on proposed strategies and identifying how the EPA can maximize clean water protections under current authorities

Healthy watersheds and sustainable communities are the two outstanding initiatives for the EPA's clean water campaign. Ducks Unlimited officials will be in attendance at the conference.

Scott Sutherland, director of DU's Governmental Affairs Office in Washington, D.C., said this conference is something more people should know about.

"The fact that the administration is making clean water one of their leading initiatives is important," said Sutherland. "Not only does clean water play a major role in wetlands conservation, but it personally affects millions of Americans. Hopefully this forum will be a significant step toward better ways to achieve cleaner water in the United States."

The EPA recently published maps identifying where threatened surface water sources are located throughout the country, areas that were once protected under the Federal Water Pollution Control Act but have lost their protections and could be polluted, drained or filled, which would threaten fish, wildlife and drinking water supplies.