Deke tweets his training and hunting experiences

Have you been looking for updates on Deke the DU Dog? What about training tips from Mike Stewart and Wildrose Kennels? Deke now has his own Twitter page, so you'll be able to get both.Follow Deke on Twitter

Following Deke on Twitter means following him through his daily experiences. Whether he is hunting with DU-TV or training with Mike at Wildrose, DU's mascot stays busy all year. And with his first waterfowling season well underway, there will be even more information and pictures to check out each week.

If you don't have a Twitter account already, sign up now and follow @DekeDUDog and @DucksUnlimited to keep up with Deke and DU throughout the new year. Also be sure to check out the new monthly training tips video series that will let you take your dog from novice to skilled hunting partner with help from Mike Stewart and Wildrose!

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