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Wetland Education Basics for Outdoor Oriented Teaching

Project WEBFOOT is an international, interdisciplinary education outreach program and curriculum created by Ducks Unlimited to bring wetland education to life for 4th-6th grade students.  

The fascinating world of wetlands is all around us. It exists in the many marshes, rivers, ponds, and swamps found throughout North America, even among our cities and suburbs. But wetlands aren’t spectacular, high-profile places like mountains and canyons. They don’t jump out and grab our attention. Instead, they perform their critical functions slowly and quietly—out of sight and, more often than not, out of mind. 

Because many people are unaware of the tremendous value wetlands provide for our environment, economy, and well being, these amazing places continue to be destroyed at an alarming rate. To reverse this trend we must educate young people about the importance of wetlands, and empower them to make informed decisions about the future of these vital habitats.  

The goal of Project WEBFOOT is to raise awareness and appreciation of wetlands among students, teachers, parents, and communities. Just as wetlands are a critical part of the interconnected web of life, each member of Project WEBFOOT has an important role to play in this exciting outreach program.

New Education Partnership Highlights World Wetlands Day

Ducks Unlimited & Project WET Join Forces

Contact:  Art DeLaurier, Jr., Ducks Unlimited Project Webfoot Coordinator, 901-758-3814 or John Etgen, Project WET VP Development and Partnerships, 406-994-5392

February 2, 2005Memphis, TN – Ducks Unlimited (DU) and Project WET (Water Education for Teachers) today announced an education partnership to celebrate World Wetlands Day that will benefit water, wetlands, wildlife and people across North America.