New DU Projects in California

Klamath/Dyer Wetland Enhancement, Merced County

This project is a collaborative effort to restore and enhance 66 acres of wetlands between a private landowner, the Klamath Duck Club and DU. Once the habitat is enhanced, the landowner will be responsible for the habitat maintenance. The project will improve wetland management capabilities for waterfowl and other wetlands associated wildlife. The club now lacks necessary infrastructure to manage wetland habitats in an optimal manner for wildlife. Project work will improve internal levees and excavate swales to improve water conveyance within wetland units. Earthen spoil from the swales will be used to improve slopes on existing levee banks that impound water in the wetlands. Improved pre-fabricated concrete water control structures will be installed to improve water conveyance and maintain optimal water levels for wildlife. The club has been maintained as seasonal wetland marsh for several decades. Seasonal and semi-permanent wetlands enhanced by this work will benefit a host of waterfowl species, shorebirds, colonial water birds, and neotropical migrant songbirds, as well as resident wildlife such as ring-necked pheasants and California quail.

California State Wildlife Area Enhancement and State/Federal Cooperative Funded Projects

Los Banos Wildlife Area - Field 67E

This project will enhance 140 acres of uplands and wetlands by installing a new drain, water control structures, levee and swale work and seeding of banks.

Ash Creek Wildlife Area - Elkins 1B Upper Wayman Ponds

This project will enhance 80 acres of wetlands. Work will include topography survey, drafting designs for improving wetland management.

Butte Valley Wildlife Area - Well 5A

This project will enhance 215 acres of pasture by refurbishing an existing pump.

Honey Lake Wildlife Area - Oakin Units 6C & 3A

This project will enhance 116 acres of wetlands by installing pipe and ga tes.

Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge - Orems 3 Unit

This project will enhance 1,347 acres of wetlands and 60 acres of upland habitat by constructing swales, islands and mudflats.

Delevan National Wildlife Refuge - Track 44.3

This project will enhance 40 acres of uplands with burning, disking, herbicide and seeding application of native grasses and forbs.

Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge -Tracks 23. 1,23.4 -6

This project will enhance 84 acres of wetlands by removing and rebuilding of levees, excavation of channels and potholes and constructing islands.

Napa Sonoma Marsh Wildlife Area

This project will enhance 300 acres and create 75 acres of wetlands by channel excavation.