DU and Montana FWP celebrate 25 year partnership

Jeff Herbert, Assistant Administrator with Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (middle), accepts a conservation award from Montana DU in recognition of 25 years of partnership between DU and Montana FWP. Also pictured are Bob Sanders, DU Manager of Conservation Programs (left) and Steve Christian, MT Ducks Unlimited State Chairman 

Many things have changed in Montana since 1984 when DU staff from the newly opened Great Plains Regional Office sat down with Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks biologists to discuss restoring a wetland on Fox Lake Wildlife Management Area near the eastern Montana town of Lambert. Despite many changes one thing remains constant; Ducks Unlimited and Montana FWP continue to do what comes naturally to both – conserve waterfowl habitat.

“It was a simpler time back then,” reflects Roger Smith, director of engineering for the Great Plains Regional Office and 25-year veteran of Montana conservation project deliveries. “In 1984 we could sit down at the table, pencil out what needed to be done and start delivering the project the next day. It’s a bit more complicated now but we keep moving forward with a program in Montana that is stronger than ever.”. 


Together with a host of public and private partners, DU and Montana FWP have teamed up to blanket the state with over 400 projects that to date have restored and enhanced 28,819 acres of waterfowl habitat. “This is what it is all about; working together to leave a legacy of conservation and to do so at a landscape level,” said Jeff Herbert, assistant wildlife administrator for Montana FWP at a recognition ceremony at the Montana Ducks Unlimited state convention in August.