Celebrating a Dedicated Louisiana Conservationist, Conserving 1,600 Acres

L. J. Mayeux tribute dinner held

MARKSVILLE, La. – May 1, 2009 – Dr. L. J. Mayeux, widely

L.J. Mayeux
L.J. "Dr. Duck" Mayeux
known across Ducks Unlimited as "Dr. Duck" was honored at a dinner held Wednesday at the Tunica-Biloxi Paragon Casino in Marksville, La. Proceeds from the dinner will support projects on more than 1,600 acres of permanently protected waterfowl habitat on breeding grounds in Canada and wintering grounds in Louisiana.

"Dr. Mayeux is a consummate example of the passion and commitment of the Ducks Unlimited volunteer," George Horton, Ducks Unlimited regional director, said.

Since he began volunteering with Ducks Unlimited in 1980 as a Marksville committee member, Mayeux has held virtually every volunteer position in DU including President of Ducks Unlimited Inc., Board Member of Ducks Unlimited Canada and Board Member of Ducks Unlimited de Mexico. Dr. Mayeux's love of waterfowl and waterfowl hunting, and his passion for DU's habitat mission, have led him to accept volunteer positions for nearly 30 years, dedicating his own time and energy to ensuring DU's vision of skies filled with waterfowl today, tomorrow and forever. He continues to serve as an At Large Board Member for Ducks Unlimited Inc.

"I believe in Ducks Unlimited's mission, in their focus and in their ability to achieve a secure future for waterfowl across North America," Mayeux said. "DU is about passing it on—passing on habitat to future generations of waterfowl, and passing on waterfowling traditions to future generations of hunters and conservationists. That is why I put my time and money into supporting Ducks Unlimited," said Mayeux.

In addition to his tireless volunteer activities, Mayeux also has provided significant financial support for DU's habitat conservation mission. He has achieved the Benefactor sponsorship level in Ducks Unlimited Inc. He is also a Grand Slam Sponsor in perpetuity, supporting DU programs in Canada, Mexico and the United States. Dr. Mayeux is a charter member of the Feather Society, President's Council and Johnny Walker Society.

"Such passion and commitment, as clearly demonstrated by 'Dr. Duck,' are the reasons for Ducks Unlimited's success to date in conservation of habitat for waterfowl in North America," said Louisiana Major Sponsor Chairman Mike Benge. "We are pleased to provide an opportunity to honor and thank him for his years of service and support of our conservation work."

The dinner, which garnered 25 new major sponsors, serves as a fund-raising kick-off to support two on-the-ground conservation projects dedicated to Mayeux. One project is the Myren Uplands near the town of Elmsthorpe, Saskatchewan. The area lies within the Missouri Coteau, the most productive waterfowl nesting habitat in North America. The second project will take place on the Grand Cote National Wildlife Refuge just 2.5 miles from Marksville, in Avoyelles Parish. This project lies within the Mississippi Alluvial Valley, continentally significant winter habitat for more than 7 million waterfowl.

"Habitat conservation in these two crucial areas is essential to sustain populations of North American waterfowl and to secure the future of North America's waterfowling heritage," said Benge. "We believe it's fitting to have this "round-trip" tribute to Dr. Mayeux on both the breeding grounds and wintering grounds."

With more than a million supporters, Ducks Unlimited is the world's largest and most effective wetland and waterfowl conservation organization with more than 12 million acres conserved. The United States alone has lost more than half of its original wetlands - nature's most productive ecosystem - and continues to lose more than 80,000 wetland acres each year.

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