Sodsaver Supporters Unite!

As Farm Bill negotiations heat up on the Hill, Sodsaver gets a huge show of support

It’s a showdown for conservation. The Farm Bill is in conference, and Members of the House and Senate are negotiating what could be the final bill, so when threats to Sodsaver emerged, the conservation community united with resounding support for this top conservation priority.

Ducks Unlimited and nearly 50 other organizations drafted, signed and delivered this letter to Farm Bill conferees and Congressional leadership encouraging them to protect taxpayer dollars and critical waterfowl habitat by protecting Sodsaver.

Sodsaver is a new provision that removes incentives for landowners to convert native prairie to cropland. The provision would save taxpayers $120 million while protecting our most fragile and threatened ecosystem: native grasslands, where millions of ducks are born and raised every year.

Ducks Unlimited thanks the individuals and organizations who supported Sodsaver by signing this letter. DU would like to thank Senator Thune (SD) and Representative Herseth-Sandlin (SD) for championing Sodsaver and communicating its importance to their fellow conferees.

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