July 2010 Waterfowl Gear Guide

Improve your shot

Now is the time to break out your waterfowl gun, tune it up and begin practicing for the upcoming season. Here are some noteworthy products that will help you accomplish the task of becoming a more confident and successful shot in the field.

MTM EZ-Throw Clay Target Thrower

Clay throwerThe EZ-Throw Clay Target Thrower is the original clay target thrower. This one-piece plastic thrower throws clays faster and farther than most mechanical alternatives, and it won't rust or break.

The power curve, as it's called, makes for a smoothly thrown bird. With a little practice you will soon be throwing jump birds, curves and ground skimmers. Throws right and left handed. Total length 19 inches.

For more information, visit www.mtmcase-gard.com.

LimbSaver Recoil Pad

The LimbSaver Precision-Fit recoil system was designed for all shooting and hunting sports. The recoil pad has an innovative three-step technology that will ensure maximum shock relief while eliminating the pain associated with recoil.

Recoil pad

Scientifically designed and constructed from LimbSaver proprietary Navcom (Noise and Vibration Control Material) the recoil system absorbs shock and reduces vibrations. The recoil system also redirects energy by recoiling it outward instead of straight back into the shooter's shoulder. The internal atmospheric air chambers allow the pad to compress under recoil, acting as a shock absorber. The recoil system benefits waterfowl hunters by eliminating flinching, allowing the shooter to have increased accuracy.

For more information, visit www.limbsaver.com.

Range kitBrowning Range Kit

The Browning Range Kit includes a variety of valuable items. The shooting glasses have tinted polycarbonate lenses, which offer both eye protection and enhanced target visibility. The soft foam earplugs provide noise reduction up to 31dB and come with a plastic storage case. The adjustable-fit earmuffs with padded headband have a noise-reduction rating of 27dB.

For more information, visit www.mackspw.com.

Shotgun sightHiViz BirdBuster Magnetic Shotgun Sight

Get on target with the HiViz BirdBuster Magnetic Shotgun Sight. Included are two Crimson Lite Pipes and two Green Lite Pipes (one round and one triangular in each color) and three universal magnetic frames. They are interchangeable among bases to fit virtually any vent-ribbed shotgun. Includes plastic flat-pack carrying case.

For more information, visit www.hivizsights.com.

Choke tubesKick's High Flyer Shotgun Choke Tubes

If you're looking to tune up your pattern and produce more kill shots, a Kick's High Flyer choke tubes should be high on your list. Whether you hunt waterfowl, quail, dove, rabbit, pheasant or just enjoy shooting clays, the Kick's High Flyer improves patterns and reduces muzzle jump for denser, faster and more accurate follow-up shots.

All Kick's High Flyer choke tubes have a matte black finish. The High Flyer is available for most 10-, 12- and 20-gauge models and comes in I.C., Modified, Full and Extra Full.

For more information, visit www.kicks-ind.com.

Orvis Field Roll-up Gun Cleaning Pad and Accessories Carrier

Cleaning padClean your prized shotgun whenever and wherever it needs it. Easy and handy, the pad rolls out for a soft, oil- and dirt-resistant surface for gun cleaning. Featuring a rugged Battenkill® cotton-canvas-duck-lined outer shell and a soft-polyfleece-lined interior, this cleaning pad is both durable and protective.

This cleaning pad also includes a large mesh zip pocket for accessories and it can be equipped with 12- or 20-gauge 3-piece cleaning rod, Hoppes solvent and oil and two silicone-impregnated wipe-down rags. The basic bag includes a stuff sack for a 3-piece rod (sold separately). Fill with your favorite rods, brushes and solvents. Leather buckle straps, solid brass buckles. 54"L x 16"W. Made in the USA.

For more information, visit www.orvis.com.

Hardcore Hunter's Gun-Cleaning Kit

Cleaning kitThis cleaning system has all you need to clean rifles, pistols, inline muzzleloaders and shotguns from .17 caliber to 12/10 gauge. Premium bore brushes come in .22, .27, .30, .38, .45 and 12-gauge sizes. Includes three flexible cleaning rods, microfibers lens cloth, NATO adapter, obstruction removers, caliber patches, patch savers for shotguns and a T-handle that makes it easier to pull a brush or swab through the barrel. Compact case with silent zipper holds all pieces and can be attached to your belt. 4" diameter.

For more information, visit www.llbean.com.