2010 Sporting Expo Presenting Sponsor: HEVI-Shot

HEVI-Shot®, the leader in high-performance waterfowl ammunition, is delighted to join forces with Ducks Unlimited, the leader in waterfowl conservation, to host the 2010 DU Sporting Expo.

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HEVI-Shot® has pioneered new performance benchmarks for shotshells since its 2000 founding, just as Ducks Unlimited has defined the waterfowl conservation movement since its 1937 founding. HEVI-Shot® has been called by Phil Bourjaily of Field and Stream "the most significant innovation in shotgunning of the past 10 years" – because it works better.

The closer you look at HEVI-Shot® products, the more you find to like. From our first Heavier Than Lead® products, which work better than lead ever could or did, to our World Record turkey products; our HEVI-Shot® Duck and Goose waterfowl products; our revolutionary Classic Doubles vintage gun shotshells; and, just last year, the affordable-but-invincible HEVI-Metal™ products – HEVI-Shot® is the root of every major shotshell innovation of the past decade.

For our customers, this means more success in the field – and better memories. Because HEVI-Shot® gives you a better hunt – more certainty, more success, more fun. That's why Everyone Has A HEVI-Shot Story: the shot of a season – or a lifetime – that you couldn't have made any other way. Come hunt with us and make a story of your own. Learn more at www.HEVIShot.com.