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 Steve's Corner
I guess the above should more appropriately be titled "Steve & Kathy's Most Excellent Adventures". That's what it seems like as we travel the state, attend DU banquets, and meet all the great volunteers who are Montana Ducks Unlimited.
On Thursday, September 10 we were at the Bozeman event held at the MSU Student Union Building (SUB). That committee put on quite a show. Guns, hunts, and DU stuff everywhere. One of my memorable moments was carrying a gun across campus (cased of course) and not having anyone give me a second look. Now back East or on the left coast that may have caused a SWAT-type incident, but not in Montana! The other was winning the $50 raffle for a Dove Hunt in Argentina. Minutes later I realized that the true cost to me would be far greater, but what the heck you only live once. So with Kathy's blessings I'm off to Cordoba this coming Spring in search of the wily rocket bird. Area Chairman (AC) Jason Humbergerand Pat Busby (our National Convention Auctioneer) did a great job of coaxing $$$ from the crowd.
On Saturday, September 12 we were in Stevensville for the Bitteroot Valley event. We have a son and daughter with spouses living in Missoula (#1 daughter Michelle is the secretary for Missoula DU). Additionally, our grandson is there too, so we took the entire clan to the banquet. AC Scott Johnson and the Bitteroot committee were well organized and we had a super time. Our little 3 year old Greenwing Legacy grandson won his first gun, a .22! He was quite excited and told all his friends and teachers at pre-school the next day that he has a real gun. Hmmm.... again I'm thankful that we can get away with that here in Montana, but in some other more "progressive" locales his parents may have gotten a visit from Social Services! The banquet was also well attended by Senior Volunteers including: Linda & Jim Daugherty, Neil & Margie Severinson, and District Chairman Dave Klein. Over twenty sponsors were signed up that night and the Bitteroot event finished up with a net/net of 70%!
On Saturday, September 19 we were off to Lewistown, home stomping grounds of Montana Regional Director Layne Krumwiede. Expectations were high as we put a little pressure on Layne & AC Bill Berg to produce!  Well the Lewistown committee responded proudly. They had set up for 96, but the people just kept on a comin'. We ended up somewhere around 130 attendees! The committee members had to sacrifice their meals for the good of the order. At the conclusion of the event we had to settle our nerves with pizza and numerous beers.
We found ourselves in Billings on Wednesday, September 30th for that banquet. #3 daughter Stefanie serves on Yellowstone County committee. Over 300 people attended. AC Mike Wendlandt had his team lined out early and they did a terrific job. There were numerous raffles, a huge Silent Auction and get this - they sold 36 "all-in raffle" packages at $400! I don't think we'll be trying that in Colstrip. Again Pat Busby did a great job auctioneering. Also assisting at the event were Greenwing Chairman Jim Moreland, District Chairman Les Jones and his wife Lynn; and our new Broadus AC Ray Roeick.
Other events these past two months that we weren't able to attend were held in Big Fork (AC Mark Manders), Townsend (AC Ernie Nunn), and Fort Benton (AC Barb Thomas). On the ground reports from Layne Krumwiede and District Chair Steve Cunningham indicate that these banquets were huge successes. Greenwing events were held in Helena, Plentywood, Colstrip, and Billings.
So where to next? By the time this newsletter is published in mid-November we will have attended events in Froid, Medicine Lake, Wolf Point, Forsyth, and Glendive. Kathy and I are especially excited about assisting at the Med Lake and Froid events since these are in our new stomping grounds. Plus we are expecting to see numerous DU volunteers "float by" for duck and pheasant hunting.
So in conclusion, I hope that everyone has a safe and bountiful hunting season. When you're in the field, please take a moment to reflect on all that you as an individual and we as a team have accomplished as Montana DU volunteers.  Without dedicated passionate conservationists like us there will be far less for our grandchildren to enjoy. In reality, we are the present and future stewards of wetlands preservation. Many thanks for all you DU for the DUcks!

Your Montana State Committee

State Chairman
Steve Christian  
Senior Regional Vice President
Bruce Posey
Eastern District Chair
Chet Walsh 
State Newsletter
Tammy Jordan
Western District Chair
Dave Klein 
State Package Committee
Edie Hallford
State Package Committee
George & Kathy Stirner
State Chair Elect
Jim Daugherty
State Greenwing Chairman
Jim Moreland
State Recuitment Chair
Kathy Christian

South Central District Chair
Les Jones 
Past State Chairman
Linda Daugherty
State Major Donor Eastern Vice Chair
Michael Wendlandt
State Major Gift Chairman
Neil Severinson
DU Conservation Board
Nora & Fred Taylor
State Treasurer
Randy Schmoldt 
Western Zone Chair
Ryle Benke
North Central District Chair
Steve Cunningham

Montana DU Announces New Zone Chairmen

Montana DU announces new Zone Chairmen
On September 23, State Chairman Steve Christian announced the promotions of Tom McElroy and Scott Johnson to Zone Chairmen.
Tom has led a very successful Great Falls chapter. He was instrumental in organizing a Waterfowl Hunter Party and jump shooting/starting the local Silent Bid Auction. He will assist Steve Cunningham (District Chair) with chapters in the Great Falls area.
Scott has done a super job with the Bitteroot chapter. Last month that chapter's event had a Net/Net of 70%! He is also assisting the Missoula committee with their banquet preparations. Scott will assist District Chair Dave Klein with chapters in the great Northwest.
Congratulations & Good Luck to Tom & Scott!

Pictures from some recent events! 




Wolf Point

Your Montana Area Chairs

Mike McLean
Big Sky
Kevin Barton
Mark Manders
Bighorn County - Hardin
Silas Counts III
Michael Wendlandt
Bitteroot Valley Dinner
Scott Johnson
Bitteroot Valley Greenwing
Jon and Sue Miller
Blackfoot River - Lincoln
Ernie & Renee Lundberg
Quinn McCarthy

Carbon County - Red Lodge
Steve Thuesen
Steve Christian
Deer Lodge
John Skibsrud
Flathead Valley - Kalispell
Tom Greiner
Fort Benton
Barb & Bob Thomas
Gallatin - Madison - Bozeman
Jason Humberger
Eric Robinson
Kyle Robinson
Great Falls
Tom McElroy
Jerry Hallford
Hi Line - Havre
James Bachini

Kootenai Valley - Libby
Jon Jeresek

Tim Hartford
Medicine Valley
Josh Johnson
Milk River - Malta
Kathy Tribby
Milk River - Malta
Ken Weiderrick
Mission Valley - Polson
Chip Kurzenbaum

John Dilatush
Missouri Milk River - Glasgow
Ken Jansa
Montana State University
Kjel Olson
Cindy Wilson 
Home: 406-895-2691
Cell: 406-895-7998
Ravelli - Hamilton - Sponsor
Bill Reed
Roosevelt County - Froid
Art Ryder
Rosebud County - Forsyth
Doug Martens
Saunders County - Thompson Falls - Plains
Nate Hall
Richard Kerstein
Stacey McNally
University of Montana
Upper Missouri - Townsend
Ernie Nunn
Valley Wide - Sponsor
Dave Klein
White Sulpher Springs
Donny Babcock
Wolf Point
Jerald Petersen


Bar Night in Broadus
For more information, please contact Ray at:
Glendive Banquet
For more information, please contact Kyle Robinson at:
Forsyth Banquest
For more information, please contact Doug Martens at:
Missoula Banquet
For more information, please contact John Dilatush at:
Sidney Banquet
For more information, please contact Stacey McNally at:    
Mission Valley Annual Banquet
Best Western Kwaraqnuk in Polson
For more information, please contact Chip Kurzenbaum at: 
406-883-4345 or 406-885-6345 
Couple Recognized for Benefactor Sponsor Completion


Jim Daugherty presented Mark & Sherry Pierce their award at the Bozeman Dinner for completing the Benefactor Sponsorship.  Thank you Mark & Sherry - and congrats!!

Lee Metcalf NWR Project Dedication a Big Success!


A haze of smoke from a wildfire a few miles to the west did not deter a group of Ducks Unlimited supporters from celebrating the completion of the Hollingsworth Wetland site on September 23rd.  Family and friends of the late V.C. "Holly" Hollingsworth gathered to celebrate the restoration of 60 acres of wetland on the Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge near Stevensville.  The project, constructed by Ducks Unlimited earlier this spring,  was made possible through an estate gift by the Hollingsworth Family and grants and donations from the North American Wetlands Conservation Council, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, the Teller Refuge, the Friends of Lee Metcalf NWR, and numerous local conservation groups and supporters.  Special thanks to John Farley for his hard work and diligence in making this project a success!


Plentywood Chapter Holds Second Annual Greenwing Event



Cindy Wilson, Plentywood Chapter President reports that 32 Greenwings attended the event held in Plentywood.  There were guest speakers, instruction, and lots of fun!  Guest speakers included Ron Seldon with FW&P from Glasgow who talked about the different animals that could be found in Montana and had a variety of capes and hides to show, Paul McKay who gave a hunter safety speech and brought his hunting dog who he'd trained for hunting birds, and Tim Billado, an avid bird hunter, who talked about setting decoys and how to call them in. The Greenwings hadarchery instruction and were able to shoot two classes of BB Guns and two classes of shotguns.  Everyone received a prize and ate well.  It was a great turnout!!






Inn October 9, 2009, the following letter was distributed and we thought we would pass it along to all of our Montana DU folks. 

Dear Ducks Unlimited Volunteer,
Several months ago, the decision was made to publish Puddler Magazine solely in electronic format.  This decision was made partly on an economic basis, and also because there was a wide belief that youngers and their parents or grandparents would prefer the electronic format.
Within weeks of the decision, we began to hear from Greenwing parents and grandparents who were disappointed with the decision.  After listening to these important members of the DU family, and carefully considering all of the alternatives, the Youth and Education and Membership Committees, with the support of senior staff, recommended  to the Board of Directors that the previous decision be reversed, and that the Puddler be made available in print in addition to online. 
We are happy to tell you the recommendation was adopted unanimously by the Board of Directors at its October meeting in Saskatoon. The Puddler will be returning in print form by the end of the year.  In addition, it will continue to be available online for those who prefer that method of delivery.
The Board also decided to increase  Greenwing dues to $15.  That increase was recommended by the previous Youth and Education Committee  to cover increased costs of the program unrelated to Puddler magazine.
It has been said of many organizations, including this one,  that leadership does not pay enough attention to what folks 'in the trenches' are saying.  We heard you and we will continue to be responsive to our members.  We urge you to share the contents of this letter with your fellow DU volunteers and members.
Please contact us if you have any questions.
Thank you and have a great fall banquet and hunting season!
Kind Regards,
Bruce Deadman
Advisory Senior VP Youth & Education
Ron Bartels
Advisory Senior VP Membership

News from SBA
As we enter the late fall of the year, now is great time of the year when many areas of DU are between banquet times from fall to spring events, and a good time to look at an additional way to increase a chapter/states grassroots dollars and membership!!! SBA is just that tool that can help us drive both those areas up for us at the chapter and state level; with very minimal daily attention required even a small SBA store can provide a chapter significant grassroots dollars to their chapter in a short amount of time and can provide more memberships towards a chapter's growth and goals!

The closer we get to the holiday season remember that the SBA Program offers a variety of Winter-themed framed artwork as well. Look through the Wild Wings and Mill Pond Press galleries on the SBA website and determine if these prints are right for your program. The holiday season is a great time of the year for SBA fundraising as folks are always on the lookout for that unique gift. What better way to knock out some of your holiday shopping, get some great merchandise through Ducks Unlimited, and save a few acres of wetlands habitat in the process!

High Range Early arrivals by Fanning
Mill Pond Gallery

Winter Barnyard by Bateman
Mill Pond gallery

Don't forget about the Santa Sculpture offered through the Ducks Unlimited 3D art gallery along with other great 3D art that is available. For those chapters utilizing the 3D art program, this sculpture is sure to add some variety to your holiday SBA easel line-up.
For more information on SBA, Please contact Chris Logan (SBA Regional Coordinator) at:
307-203-8024 (cell) or 307-347-8877 (home) or by email at


We hope you enjoyed the latest edition of Wings Over Montana.  If you would like to submit information for the next edition, or would like to add a friend to our mailing list, please forward your information via email to me at:
Thanks - and have a safe and happy holiday season!!

Tammy Jordan
Ducks Unlimited