Migration Map Rules

The purpose of the DU Waterfowl Migration Map... The Migration Map serves as a place for waterfowl hunters and enthusiasts across the United States can share their view of the skies. It should be a friendly, welcoming, informative environment for all visitors.

A reminder about profanity... There is a profanity filter in place on the Migration Map. If your report contains any questionable language, it will be caught in the filter and remain invisible to the public until it has been approved by a member of the Ducks Unlimited staff. Use of self-censored terms (b****, for example) will be caught as well.

Please note that your Migration Map reports will be removed* if they do not follow the rules outlined below:

  • Do not use all capital letters when submitting a report. Please make sure your Caps Lock function is turned off before typing your report.
  • Do not use false names on reports. For your privacy, we do not require your personal information to post a report, but please refrain from using obvious aliases such as "Duck Killer" or "Greenhead Blaster."
  • Avoid confusing sentence structure and jumbled/misspelled words. We do not expect perfect grammar from every Migration Map user, but the easier your reports are to read, the more effective they will be—for other users and for the map moderator. If your report is difficult to understand, it will be removed from the map.
  • Do not include personal attacks in your messages. We will not tolerate the slander of other Migration Map users; Ducks Unlimited; other conservation or hunting organizations or state, federal or local entities that govern hunting in your state. You are welcome to respond to other users' reports, but please do not issue threats or insults—these types of responses will be removed.
  • Do not submit reports that imply the breach of game laws. Reports implying illegal hunting practices will be removed. If you wish to report suspected illegal behavior, please contact your local U.S. Fish and Wildlife office - http://www.fws.gov/offices.
  • Do not submit falsified reports. The purpose of the Migration Map, as stated above, is to share information—namely, accurate information—with other waterfowl hunters and observers nationwide. If you do not wish to share accurate bird movement in your area, please do not submit a report. If a report registers as obviously false, it will be removed.
  • If you have suggestions or comments for your state or local departments of natural resources / fish and game, please contact them directly. Your state Department of Natural Resources and/or Fish and Game can be found easily online. A list of U.S. Fish and Wildlife offices is available here: http://www.fws.gov/offices.
  • Ducks Unlimited does not suggest sharing personal information (e-mail addresses, phone numbers, etc.) via the Migration Map. Bear in mind that these reports are visible to everyone, not just the intended recipient(s) of your report. If you choose to share personal information, Ducks Unlimited cannot be held responsible for any repercussions that may result. Any reports containing personal information that is inappropriate or determined excessive will be removed.

If you have feedback on these rules or the Migration Map in general, please contact us at webmaster@ducks.org.

*Ducks Unlimited reserves the right to remove any post, or block any user that abuses these rules, at our sole discretion.