Blogger: Bob Sanders

DU Manager of Conservation Programs – Montana

Bob has served as DU's Manager of Conservation programs in Montana for the last 13 years. He is an avid waterfowler that enjoys getting away from the crowds. Bob utilizes his knowledge of waterfowl biology and wetland ecology along with extensive scouting to locate waterfowl concentrations across the state.

"Being willing to go the extra mile is the key for me," explains Bob. "Putting in the time to locate the birds, hike or float in to remote areas, and providing a natural looking decoy spread in the exact location where the birds want to be is the key."

Bob makes much of his own hunting gear including layout blinds, silhouette decoys and camouflage clothing. "I like to blend in. If you can get the birds hovering over the decoys at twenty yards the rest is relatively easy."

Bob also believes in hunting shallow water whenever possible. "I see a lot of hunters hunting the bigger, deeper water. Dabbling ducks don't typically forage in deep water, they like the shallow stuff. When I have a choice I'm right out there with them, most of the time the water may be only a few inches deep."