Puddler Magazine - More Options for Greenwings

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Oct. 19, 2009 – Printed copies of Puddler magazine will be arriving in the mail soon to the homes of DU Greenwings age 11 and under. A new enhanced, interactive issue of Puddler with embedded video clips, audio files and other features will be available on the DU Web site at www.ducks.org/puddler.

In the future, new and renewing Greenwings will have the choice of receiving the print or the online version of Puddler, or the Greenwing edition of Ducks Unlimited Magazine, with a special section of youth content. DU's leadership voted to offer Greenwings the new magazine options in September at their fall board meeting.

"This decision will allow Greenwings and their parents to receive their magazine in the format they like best," said Puddler Editor-in-Chief Matt Young. " Offering an interactive online magazine as well as print magazines targeted at different reading levels will help keep all of our young readers fully engaged in Ducks Unlimited, wetlands and waterfowl conservation and our waterfowl-hunting traditions."

Puddler is published quarterly with winter, spring, summer and fall issues, while the Greenwing version of Ducks Unlimited Magazine is delivered bimonthly. Additional youth content, including games and other interactive activities, is available on the Greenwing Web site at www.greenwing.org.