August 2009 Waterfowl Gear Guide

Early waterfowl seasons in many states will be opening up within a month. Canada geese, teal and wood ducks are first on many waterfowl hunters' lists. Do you have everything you need for these early-season excursions? Here are a few last-minute recommendations from the DU E-news editorial team that could improve your chances in the early season.

Avery KillerWeed Boat Blind KitAvery® KillerWeed Boat Blind Kit

The Avery® KillerWeed Boat Blind Kit is the most effective boat blind camo ever!

  • Rot-resistant natural palm fibers
  • Brush once and hunt all season
  • 5 lbs. conceals any boat

Note: The boat pictured uses three boat blind kits for maximum coverage.

Available at

Haydel's Canada Short-Reed Goose Call

The newly designed sound tunnel on the Haydel's Canada Short-Reed Goose Call was developed for more ghostly clucks and moans. This call is crisp on the high end for long-range work and features double O rings. Lanyard included. Available at

Haydel's Canada Short-Reed Goose Call

Quick Light's Cat's Eyes Cap Light

Cat's Eyes Cap LightThis lightweight, compact cap light is ultra-bright with Light Power of 350 Millumens for over 8-10 hours of light. Powered by 2 Lithium coin cell batteries for ultra-bright white light from 5 LED bulbs with 100,000-plus hours of burn time.

Weighing only 1.24 ounces with batteries, the cap light is an essential tool for those who need a hands-free light in the field. Replacement batteries sold separately.

Available at

ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent

ThermaCELL 4-pack

Woodlands Camo Hunter's Special – 4-pack!

One ThermaCELL unit can create a 15x15-ft. (225 sq. ft.) 'Bug-Free-Zone,' larger than the size of an average tree stand or boat. Multiple units can be used to cover a much larger area.

The $89.99 ThermaCELL Hunter's Special includes four (4) ThermaCELL Woodlands Camo Appliances; regularly priced at $29.99 each.