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Youth is Served: Mississippi Greater Than Zero: Quebec
Boreally Blessed: Northwest Territories Canadian Road Trip I: Alberta
Canadian Road Trip II: Saskatchewan Canadian Road Trip III: Manitoba
Oil & Water: Louisiana Power Play: Eastern Shore
Central Valley Reunion: California Home of the Drake: Mississippi

Youth is Served: Mississippi

DU has long considered the next generation of waterfowlers to be as important as the current one, and weekend camps like this one in the Delta give kids the chance to learn about wetlands conservation and experience the joys of duck hunting. Join Wade Bourne and the future of duck hunting.

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Greater Than Zero: Quebec

Most waterfowlers are well aware of the overpopulation crisis in the ranks of lesser snow geese, but few know that greater snows — a population that stages exclusively in Quebec's St. Lawrence watershed — are in the same boat. Tag along with Jared and now-retired DU chief biologist and snow goose expert Bruce Batt as they hunt these majestic birds.

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Boreally Blessed: Northwest Territories

The Boreal Forest is a vitally important swath of lakes, wetlands and trees. It's huge, remote and rugged, harboring massive populations of ducks in Canada's Northwest Territories, and it's an epic adventure of a duck hunt. Follow Jared Brown and Mike Checkett as they travel by plane, helicopter boat and Hagglund to get to the birds.

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Canadian Road Trip I: Alberta

Wade Bourne and Mike Checkett kick off a three-province road trip in grand fashion, as they freelance hunt DU projects and public water in the Boreal Transition Zone outside of St. Paul.

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Canadian Road Trip II: Saskatchewan

The public water bonanza continues in Saskatchewan, where the farmers are friendly, the mallards are king and the birds are willing. Wade Bourne and Mike Checkett push east in search of freelancing opportunities.

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Canadian Road Trip III: Manitoba

The third leg of the road trip is dedicated to the pursuit of the Redhead, the prince of diving ducks (the king being the Canvasback, of course). Join Wade Bourne and Mike Checkett as they freelance big water on one of the largest lakes in Canada.

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Oil & Water: Louisiana

Louisiana's Gulf Coast is home to some of the most important — and most rapidly vanishing - wetlands in the country, a fact made all the more clear by the devastating effects of hurricanes Katrina and Rita a few years ago. Join Wade Bourne and Jerry Holden, DU's director of conservation for Louisiana, in search of duck riches.

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Power Play: Eastern Shore

DU is rightly known as a champion of wetlands acquisition and preservation, but there's another facet to the organization — lobbying on Capitol Hill for waterfowl-friendly legislation. And yes, our man in Washington is a hunter. Join Jared Brown and DU's Director of Public Policy Scott Sutherland as they shed their power ties for camo.

Central Valley Reunion: California

California's Central Valley is perhaps the most crucial at-risk ecosystem in the entire Pacific Flyway. Jared Brown joins Paul Bonderson and his daughter Trish to see how one family is making a difference for waterfowl in California's Central Valley and learns about the incredible pressures on wetlands, waterfowl and the need for water in a place where the human population is predicted to increase by 20 million during the next 10 years.

Home of the Drake: Mississippi

DU Executive VP Don Young and President Bruce Lewis visit Oxford, Mississippi, home of Drake the DU Dog and plenty of white-hot duck hunting. Drake is more than happy to show DU's leaders his hometown.

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