2009 Wetland Conservation Award Winners

Federal Agency, Steve Moran

Steve Moran retired from the Rainwater Basin Joint Venture in Jan. 2009, but while working in the region he made a lasting impression.  Moran led the RBJV for the last decade providing a clearing house for projects; soliciting funds from various sources and helping partners like DU accomplish important wetland conservation work.  Moran also served as an important mentor to many including DU staff such as Ryan Heiniger and Steve Donovan as they began their work in Nebraska.  Moran’s mentoring provided continued growth and professional development as conservation professionals.  He is an engineer by training, but became more of a “people manager.”  He fostered communications and partnerships between groups that were previously acrimonious.  Moran would reach out to landowner to find how the RBJV could meet their needs while conserving wetlands.  His approach has been instrumental in restoring many basin habitats in the highly agricultural area, which plays host to millions of migrating waterfowl.

Research/Technical, David A. Graber

David A. Graber’s passion for waterfowl can be seen through his 30 years of dedication to improving waterfowl and wetland resources. As an employee of Missouri Department of Conservation, David has used comprehensive and practical knowledge of waterfowl biology, land management and hunting to bring credible science to resource managers, resource users and policy makers. David is a model of professional collaboration. He has walked the line of public opinion through implementation of the Conservation Order for light geese and through efforts to manage giant Canada geese. Dave has served on a number of Mississippi Flyway committees including Regulations, Wood Duck and Environmental. His collaborative efforts with the University of Missouri have resulted in a number of prominent professionals that will serve waterfowl conservation for years to come. Throughout his three decades of professional contributions, wildlife managers have sought David’s counsel on management issues, researchers have relied on his translations of their science into practical solutions and administrators have depended on him to provide balanced and science-based recommendations for their policy decisions.

Communications, David J. Case

David J. Case has communicated effectively to the waterfowl profession with insights and service on policy decisions, management actions and science. As President of D.J. Case and Associates, an Indiana based communications and public relations firm, he has specialized in natural resource conservation issues and provided service managing strategic communication and organization development projects for federal and state agencies as well as private conservation organization clients all over North America. Building on a mission of “Using communication to achieve natural resources conservation,” Dave has addressed the tremendous need for communications outreach within the waterfowl conservation community. His effectiveness has been apparent in diverse communications projects involving sociological, economic and ecological arenas. With straightforward communications and planning advice, Dave has guided waterfowl professionals through issues of adaptive harvest management, subsistence harvest, and wetland acquisition and hunter recruitment. Dave Case has provided the rigorous and professional approach to communications needed for contemporary waterfowl management and policy.

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