Whitewater Strategic Hunting Apparel: March 2009

At Whitewater Strategic Hunting Apparel, we are committed to protecting our hunting heritage and preserving our hunting habitat so that our sons and daughters will have something to pass on to their children. 

Ducks Unlimited has been working hard to protect our wetlands habitat.  That’s why we annually donate a portion of the proceeds from our official Ducks Unlimited camo clothing sales to aid in DU in their important conservation efforts and protect future memories. 

If you would like to be a part of this cause and in turn make your hunting adventure more comfortable check out our Ducks Unlimited North Winds suit.  No matter how nasty it gets, this is the garment that will keep you going.  Made of weather-proof Rhino Tough™ fabric and totally outfitted with a built-in shooting pad and game bag as well as bird and call lanyards. 

Help the cause to fulfill memories.