February 2009 Waterfowl Gear Guide

Greenhead Gear T and T Snow and Blue Goose Shell Decoys

Now you can have the monster spread you always wanted!

    Greenhead Gear T and T Snow and Blue Goose Shell Decoys
  • "5/8" body design offers full-body effect to approaching birds
  • Bodies stack for maximum storage efficiency
  • Seamless bodies will never crack
  • One dozen Motion Stakes included
  • One dozen decoys per carton

Body/Head Assortments - Actives & Feeders
4 of each adult head style and 2 of each juvenile head style

[Available at www.mackspw.com]

Rechargeable LED Spotlight

This new spotlight from Coleman® has powerful illumination comparable to 1 million candlepower spotlights, but has a run time of approximately 2.5 hours thanks to new LED designs. It's rechargeable, so the light does not have to be tethered to an outlet when using it in boats, on foot or on your ATV.

    Coleman® LED Rechargeable Spotlight
  • Cree XLamp® XR-E LEDs – 530 lumens of light
  • Comparable light to 1 million candlepower spotlights currently on market
  • 2.5 hours of useful run time when fully charged
  • Rechargeable via 110-household or 12-volt automotive outlets; adapters included
  • Trigger-style switch; squeeze for ON, release for OFF
  • Continuous ON position also available with slide switch
  • ABS, water-resistant housing
  • Handle with rubber non-slip grip


Mad Dog Gear® ATV Pocket Winch

Portable, Powerful, Affordable

Compact and portable, the new Mad Dog Gear® ATV Pocket Winch allows riders to have a vehicle recovery system always at the ready. The 1,200-pound mechnical hande-powered cranking system can connect ATVs to trees or other ATVs to pull machines out of mud, creeks or other hazards. It can be used to pull logs off the trail as well. The unit fits in a storage bag and can be used whenever or wherever needed, on the trail or around the farm. The purchase price is a fraction of electric permanent-mount winches.

    Mad Dog Gear® ATV Pocket Winch
  • 1,200-pound pulling capacity
  • Hand-powered
  • Compact, portable; weighs less than 20 pounds
  • "Soft" anchor system features high-strength webbing
  • Attaches quickly and easily to ATVs, trees or other anchor objects
  • 24 feet of winch strap
  • Screw-pin shackle connection for strap is more secure than a hook
  • Zipper-less storage bag can be buckled onto your ATV rack or stored in a rack bag