Duck Fever Tips: Advanced

Duck Fever Tips: Now THAT's Dedication!

Tips for our advanced Duck Fever users. You may want to consult a physician before engaging in any of these strategies. Or at least ask your wife or boss first.

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  • Give up Christmas and your birthday

Nothing says dedication like foregoing gifts this year and asking for Duck Fever donations instead. It's easy enough to pick one holiday and ask for donations in lieu of material gifts, but consider taking the next step and go one year gift-free for DU! This means no new DVDs or socks from Granny, but it also means supporting DU's conservation mission, a cause we know you believe in as a DU member and supporter.

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  • They give, you give

It seems pretty simple, but depending on your means, you may be able to take your give-and-take philosophy to a very advanced level. This may come through matching your donors' contributions to your Duck Fever campaign, or you may offer to give to a friend's campaign if he gives to yours. You should consider setting a limit for matching donations, but that limit is up to you. So, if you're feeling generous, you may consider matching up to 100% of your fund-raising goal. This says, "I'm asking you guys for this much money, so I should be willing to give that much myself." You know your limits, but with Duck Fever, anything can happen!

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  • Canvas the whole town

It may seem counter-intuitive to put anything on paper when Duck Fever is an online effort, but consider printing up some fliers with the address for your donation page and posting them around town. Start with your favorite hunting lodge, any other venues frequented by hunters and your other social clubs around town. Public bulletin boards are great places too - who knows when a random passerby will grab a leaflet and decide to donate to DU? Make sure you ask permission before posting fliers in stores or other non-public venues.

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  • Write about it every day

Don't let your Duck Fever campaign lose steam: remind your friends about it every day. Write a daily blog entry updating them on approaching your goal. Keep your Facebook status tuned in to Duck Fever all day, every day. Keep those e-mails and forum posts flowing with Duck Fever in your signature. And keep actively asking through messages and e-mails.

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  • No generic greetings - send everyone you know a personalized note

The bigger your address book, the more likely you are to get donations. But the truly dedicated will take that massive volume and write a personalized note to each contact, asking him/her to make a contribution to your Duck Fever campaign. Make sure each potential knows how essential his/her specific donation is to your reaching your goal and helping support DU's conservation mission.

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  • Wear your campaign with pride

Make a T-shirt or a bumper sticker displaying the address for your Duck Fever donation page. Design a logo for your campaign. Come up with new and creative ways to share the message of your Duck Fever campaign, then display them with pride. There are several Web sites that allow you to create custom T-shirts, bumper stickers, etc. So get out there, be creative and promote your Duck Fever fund-raising campaign - and DU's conservation mission - with pride!

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