Duck Fever Tips: Easy Stuff

Some simple suggestions for reaching your fund-raising goal and spreading Duck Fever to your family and friends! These are for any level of Duck Fever user and can be done quickly and without a lot of extra work.

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  • Be the face of your campaign

Duck Fever is not just about Ducks Unlimited and wetlands conservation. It's about you. And while some of your friends will donate to your Duck Fever campaign because they, too, are conservation-minded waterfowl hunters and outdoorsmen and -women, most also will be doing it because you ask them to. That's why it's essential to upload a personal photo and write a message about why you're involved. Be honest and share your passion for DU and its mission. Take a picture with your dog, your son or your long-time hunting buddy. These are the personalized elements that will be the key to raising money with Duck Fever. And don't feel limited to just one photo or message for all time – it's easy to swap out your photo or edit your message any time on the Duck Fever Dashboard.

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  • Change your badge design occasionally

The more places you can display your Duck Fever badge, the better off you'll be. But even with an attractive badge out there, people may not notice it after a while. So keep it fresh by changing your badge design – and even shape – on occasion. It will catch their eye, make them notice the status of your goal thermometer and perhaps encourage them to give. Changing out your badges is easy. Check out the right side of your Duck Fever Dashboard.

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  • Make sure it's everywhere

If you have Facebook or MySpace page, be sure to post it to your profile. Mention it in your blog entries. Make it part of your e-mail or forum signature. Another great thing about Duck Fever is that, in many cases, you only have to post it once. Your thermometer updates automatically with each donation, so there's no maintenance necessary. If you choose to write about Duck Fever daily, that's great, too, but adding it to your blog sidebar is even better. If you have questions about posting your badge online, please reference the Duck Fever Help Center's FAQs section.

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  • Increase your goal gradually

You don't have to set a goal of $5,000 right from the start. The beauty of this strategy is that you can step up your goal progressively, creating mini campaigns with their own individual goals. Depending on your number of online contacts, it may take some time to reach $1,000 or $5,000. This method of gradually increasing your goal spurs on your donors as well as keeping you encouraged with each goal met.

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  • Set a goal-by date

What better way to get people motivated than by giving them a cutoff date? Three reasons why this strategy works: (1) Providing a deadline motivates potential donors to act fast before the opportunity escapes; (2) People will see a deadline as a personal addendum to your goal - it's like saying, "I really need to help DU by the 31st," which will encourage donors to give within that particular time frame; and (3) The cutoff will motivate you to send messages, post your badge and follow some of these other great tips.

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  • They say a little competition is healthy...

Starting a healthy Duck Fever competition is a great strategy on so many levels. It's a self-motivator to get your thermometer higher than your buddy's. It's a motivator to your buddy to get his higher. You can get as many people involved as you want. And the best part? All the money goes to DU's conservation work, so the ducks are the real winners.

Some ideas to consider: Choose or create an inexpensive "prize" for the person who meets his or her goal first. Make it something fun and meaningful – or even valuable, if you're really committed – so you'll all be motivated to get out there and raise money. Suggest the idea of a competition at your next DU banquet or the next morning you meet in the blind. If your friends are dedicated DU members like you, there's a good chance they'll jump at the chance to beat you ... for a good cause.

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  • Remind them about the $5 option

It's not always easy to approach your friends and family and ask for money. That's why DU added the $5 donation option as part of the Duck Fever campaign. Five seems like a pretty small number to most people, even in the face of tough economic times. So, remind them that they can make a difference with just a single fin. Not $5 a week or a month – just a single $5 donation to help you toward your goal, and help conserve our wetlands.

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  • Give a friend $5

There's something to be said for mutual generosity. It reflects well on you – and thus your Duck Fever campaign – and it results in another $5 in the pot for the ducks. Encourage a friend to sign up by promising to give him his first donation. Suggest an I-give-you-give arrangement to another friend. Even if you're competing for donations, you can still extend a good-natured hand to another person's campaign – the gesture may come back to you three-fold!

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  • Donate to yourself

It may seem a little strange, but donating to your own Duck Fever campaign makes a lot of sense. It says to your potential donors, "I really care about this cause – you should too!" Donating to yourself can take many forms: offering to match your donors' contributions dollar for dollar, making your regular contribution to DU through your Duck Fever campaign or simply showing support for your own efforts. You don't really need an excuse, but these are all great ones for giving yourself a little boost toward your goal.

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  • Take a picture or make a video

Because Duck Fever is tied in with social sites like Facebook and MySpace, you have the opportunity to make your campaign even bigger than just a single badge or a link to your donation page. It can extend beyond sending messages or using the DU Facebook app to share your goal. Take a photo of yourself, your dog, your kids, you and your buddy in the blind. Use that photo on your donation page or make it part of something bigger - a blog entry, a Facebook photo album, a block on your MySpace page. You put your face all over your campaign, making it an even more personalized experience, and you create something that your friends can smile about, pass along, do themselves for their own campaign. Duck Fever is meant to be spread, so get creative and think of some new ways to pass it on!

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  • Make it permanent and prominent

Duck Fever can be shared in many ways. Some are more temporary, while others are permanent, noticeable and consistent. You may have great success sending your friends' e-mails or writing a blog entry about your Duck Fever campaign. But e-mails sometimes go unopened or get deleted by mistake. And blog entries get pushed down and off the front page. So find some permanent real estate and make sure Duck Fever shows up there too. Display your badge in the sidebar of your blog, place it on your MySpace page, add the DU Facebook app and make it part of your profile. You can say, "Hey! Help me out!" as part of a custom e-mail or forum signature. Each time you send a message or post a comment, it's there for the recipient (or world) to see. Virtually anywhere you go online, Duck Fever can go, too, so be creative and come up with some new places to display your badge and let people know you're raising money for DU!

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  • Say "please" and "thank you"

Once you've asked (nicely) and received a donation, saying "thank you" shouldn't be difficult. We've made sure it's the easiest thing you can do using Duck Fever. We want your donors to know how much their contributions are appreciated by you and by Ducks Unlimited. There is a thank-you option on your Duck Fever Dashboard—just click "Send Thank You" under a donor's name and customize the thank-you message however you like. We'll send it off in an e-mail to them using the address they provided when making their donation.

If your Duck Fever badge is posted on Facebook, change your Facebook status whenever you receive a donation. This is a great tool for promoting your campaign at the same time you're expressing appreciation for your generous friends. Example: "[your name] thanks Sheila for helping save a wetland today! Want to be as generous as Sheila? Help today! [link to your donation page]" Change it up a bit with each donation so the message doesn't get stale, and make sure you remember to thank everyone who donates—a little recognition goes a long way!

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