Waterfowling Gear for '09

Triple Threat Choke Tubes

Choke tubes for every situation, whether you're on the sporting clays range or trying to reach out and touch a mallard drake, the Triple Threat series is what you need.

Triple Threat Choke TubesEach choke in the Triple Threat series is plainly marked T1, T2 and T3 on the extruded end of the choke, making identification quick and easy. The T1 tube is designed for skeet shooting, quail hunting and other targets, feathered or clay, taken at 30 yards or less. It is great for sporting clays, rabbits and springing teal. The T2 tube has been extensively tested effective for 16-yard trap shooting, dove hunting, ducks over decoys and approximately 90 percent of all of the targets on a sporting clays course. The T2 is a mid-range choke that is remarkably effective on moving targets out to 45 yards. The T3 is designed for moving targets beyond 40 yards. It has proven to be extremely effective for pass-shooting ducks and geese or for handicap trap shooting.

"We are really excited about our new Triple Threat choke tube series," said Rob Roberts, president and CEO of Rob Roberts Custom Gunworks, Inc. "We have combined almost two decades of choke-tube development with today's advanced computer pattern-analyzing technology to build what I feel is the most effective choke tube on the market. The Triple Threat series will be the last choke tubes you ever need to buy for your favorite shotgun."

For more information about the Triple Threat choke tube series or other products and services from Rob Roberts Custom Gunworks, Inc., log on to www.robrobertsgunworks.com.

Avery® 'Square-Bottom™' Decoy Bag

"Square-Bottom™" Decoy Bags

Avery® "Square-Bottom™" decoy bags are the toughest on the market! Constructed of incredibly tough vinyl-coated polyester, these bags carry a 10-year satisfaction guarantee. The unique Square-Bottom™ design and no-snag grommeted polycord drawstring allow these bags to be loaded and unloaded with ease, and the adjustable shoulder and waist straps make them one size fits all. Large size (31" x 21" x 14") holds up to 24 standard duck decoys and 18 magnums. The X-Large size (36" x 23" x 15") holds up to 36 standard and 26 magnum duck decoys.

Pro Grade Blind Bag

The Avery® Pro Blind Bag has more features than we can list. A huge interior, surrounded by closed-cell foam, protects your valuable video and still cameras, and it can be customized with moveable padded dividers. Eight generous exterior pockets provide storage for everything a camera buff can imagine. Other features include exterior D-rings and web loops to attach tripods and other large gear, a contoured carry handle for sure grip, a padded shoulder strap featuring Avery's exclusive ABT Shoulder Pad and a combination lock for security. Available in Mossy Oak Shadow Grass and New Break-Up.

Avery® Pro Grade Blind Bag

GHG® Pro-Grade™ and FFD Elite™ Life-Size Series™ Canada and Specklebelly Goose ShellsGHG® Life-Size Canada & Specklebelly Goose Shells

These 21" Rester- and Sleeper-style shells undeniably feature perfect anatomy and lifelike detail you've come to expect from GHG®. By mixing these shells with your full bodies in the field or floaters along the water's edge, you'll create the realistic look late-season honkers desire. The Rester Pack features Rester and Semi-Rester swivel heads, and the Sleeper Pack features attached heads for durability and faster spread placement.