Independence, Kansas, Chapter

The Independence, Kansas, DU Chapter continued its track of success for yet another year.

"The Independence Chapter has committed itself to focusing on underwriting along with pushing hard for sponsors," said Barry Allen, DU regional director for Southern Kansas. "This continued push and focus is what drives this chapter and what sets the example for many others."

The ability to work as a team has allowed the Independence Chapter to succeed year after year. "Being able to work as a team is the method to their madness," Allen said.

This teamwork earned them the Gold Citation for 2007, and you can bet they will be pushing for another award in the future.

With continued focus on what is working, the Independence Chapter is sure to be turning heads for years to come. Continue watching the Kansas state page to see the dates and times for the chapter's next event.


Chairman:  Dianne Holt

Independence, Kansas, Chapter
Front Row (left to right): Jason Mendoza, Nellie Mendoza, Dianne Holt holding Hayden Journot, Teri George, Aric Journot, Anastin Journot, Rita Johnson

Back Row (left to right): Terry Wittum, Stewart Crow, Ann Crow, Kathy Kimble, Denina Journot, John George, Seth Johnson

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