Ducks Unlimited joins No Child Left Inside Coalition

Ducks Unlimited has joined a coalition supporting the “No Child Left Inside” bill, which would improve outdoor and environmental education for school kids of all ages.

With kids today spending half as much time outside as kids twenty years ago, it is imperative that steps be taken to introduce and re-introduce the next generation to the joys of hunting, angling, and enjoying nature. Sportsmen were the first conservationists, and contribute more than $76 billion to the economy every year. However, with fewer young people taking up hunting and angling, the sale of licenses and hunting stamps has also plummeted across the country. This has created a crisis for state natural resources budgets and for federal programs dependant on this revenue. For example, the federal duck stamp program provides the funding needed to protect habitat in our National Wildlife Refuge System, but sales have declined overall since 2000.

DU has a history of supporting youth and education, from the Greenwing events across the nation to the innovative Project Webfoot teaching material for elementary and middle school children. For more information, please see the Project Webfoot homepage and the No Child Left Inside homepage.