Mossy Oak Bio Logic

Waterfowl and upland bird enthusiasts will be happy to hear of BioLogic’s new Guide’s Choice. BioLogic’s Guide’s Choice may be the most advanced game bird planting to ever be conceived. The ingredients and ratios have been scientifically selected to ensure seed production, ease of growth and palatability. Highly durable in water environments and able to adapt to moisture conditions in the growing process, Guides Choice is proving to be dependable and successful.

A blend of Japanese millet, buckwheat, sorghum and rice, the bulk of Guide’s Choice was chosen for its ability to perform in a variety of conditions—wet or dry—with the additional ingredients in the blend favoring one condition or the other. No matter the conditions, you’re assured a diverse, vibrant stand. Additionally, the million of seeds formed by these plants not only provide foraging opportunities but also encourage invertebrate activity which is so beneficial to waterfowl’s diet. Whether you’re after ducks, pheasants or quail Guide’s Choice will attract and hold birds for you.

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