Michigan Projects

Click one of the stars on the map below to read more about the state's featured projects. Or click the names of the color-coded Priority Areas in the key to learn more about GLARO's conservation focus. The blue dots represent one or more conservation projects on which DU has worked. Project information comes from annual state Conservation Reports, available in our Resource Library.

Michigan by the Numbers (as of 01/01/2010)

  • Total acres conserved: 54,235
  • Technical assistance acres: 72,292
  • Amount spent on projects: $20,940,194

You can find additional statistics on Michigan's state fact sheet.

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Meet Michigan's Biologists

Michael Sertle
Regional Biologist

Russ Terry
Mgr. of Conservation Prog.
Great Lakes/Upper Miss.

Michael Sertle Russ Terry

Great Lakes/Atlantic Regional Office
1220 Eisenhower Place
Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Shiawassee River State Game Area restorations

In the fall of 2007, Ducks Unlimited completed the restoration of 78 acres of seasonal and emergent wetlands in two locations at Shiawassee River State Game Area (SGA). A 25-acre wetland was restored on the Dietrich property and a 53-acre wetland was restored on the Taggett property, adjacent to a previously restored cattail marsh. Both projects restored former floodplain wetlands that had been drained for agricultural production. DU provided the topographic survey, engineering design, contracting and construction management services for these projects, which were completed in partnership with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, North American Wetlands Conservation Council and Shiawassee Flats Citizens and Hunters Association. These wetlands are open to the public for a variety of outdoor recreation opportunities and add significant value to the large complex of waterfowl habitat at Shiawassee Flats.

Shiawassee River State Game Area
The recently restored Dietrich wetland at Shiawassee River SGA

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DU helps acquire Michigan's fifth Waterfowl Production Area

On April 20, 2007, Ducks Unlimited, in partnership with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), North American Wetlands Conservation Council, Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR)and the Wetlands Foundation of West Michigan (WFWM), acquired the Edger Property in Barry County. This acquisition established the fifth Waterfowl Production Area (WPA) in Michigan and the second that DU helped purchase in the past two years (Malan WPA, Jackson County).

Edger Waterfowl Production Area
Wetland and grassland habitat to be enhanced at the Edger WPA in Barry County

The 160-acre property contains 30 acres of wetlands and 130 acres of upland habitat, and is located in close proximity to the Barry State Game Area. DU, USFWS, WFWM and Pheasants Forever expect to restore the property to waterfowl production habitat, including 12 acres of emergent wetlands and 65 acres of native prairie grasslands. Once restoration is complete, USFWS and DNR will co-manage this property to provide production habitat for waterfowl, including a variety of wetland types used for brood-rearing and adjacent upland nesting cover. These habitats, along with the hardwood forest on the property, provide habitat for a diversity of other wildlife and offer many benefits to society, such as improved water quality and outdoor recreational opportunities.

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Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge acquisition

Ducks Unlimited provided $200,000 from the Saginaw Bay to Lake Erie Coastal Habitat NAWCA grant to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to help acquire a 63-acre addition to the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge (DRIWR). The acquired property is located along Swan Creek in Monroe County. In addition to having wetland and grassland restoration potential, the property also contains beds of American lotus, which is listed as a threatened species in Michigan. Acquisition of this property adds significant value to a growing local complex of protected lands that are part of the DRIWR.

Edger Waterfowl Production Area
American lotus beds on the new addition to the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge

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